New Weapon Ideas


sheepeez’ beam sword idea is good. It should be able to instantly cut/kill anything but would have a super-short range. Technically it should be able to cut tanks treads but not kill the tank, as a tank would be too large to kill. It could cut big bugs’ heads off (instakill), but the player would have to be on the correct side of the bug and would risk get run over by charging bugs. The beam sword could also be made a perk that replaces the pistol.

I’d like to see a powerful projectile weapon that is so powerful it knocks the shooter over (so they have to get up, but they get up faster from this than from actually getting shot). This weapon’s damage would have to be worth the delay between shots.


Beamswords that can kill anything up to tanks instantly? Yeah, no thanks…

Bayonets should remain the most mobile and easy melee option. I’d like to see a melee tertiary weapon, something like a stake-driver, that requires manual resetting and can possibly hurt a warlord. But your suggestion of an actual lightsaber is overpowered and has no place at all in Helldivers. Needing to maneuver to get perfect strikes is a non-issue to any experienced player, whether they melee-dodge or not


A boomerang style meelee weapon that goes on a large circular path around the player and cleans up enemies,
Charge attack gives you anti-tank abilities, and leveling up gives you multiple throws in a single go.
You get an infinite number of throws but it needs to recharge.


If I remember correctly beam/laser swords were planned to be added but due to the raw animations and mechanics, it couldn’t be done, so Arrowhead abandoned the idea.


That’s awesome, I wish they were implemented. That said, I have serious doubts that they were 1-hit kill weapons, which is the sticking point of this discussion.


There’s probably a good use case for adding a melee weapon by perk or sidearm slot, but I question whether it fits the game’s theme. My bet is the devs thought so too, hence didn’t pursue it.

An underslung GL option on some weapons that replaces your hand grenade with a couple shots similar to the current revolver GL would fit, I thought. It’s obvious - I’m guessing time/benefit to implement is the main reason those never made the cut.


They should instead make something similar to the assault rifle blade from lost planet 2 I loved that thing and i could see the technology being something the scientists of super could make, but instead of an assault rifle maybe have it be an infinite ammo charge laser rifle and the reload switches to blade mode at the cost of an animation and give the blade about the same damage as 1 shot of a breaker and the range of maybe a bayonet but in an aoe


I think you’re overestimating the number of players who are actually good at maneuvering. I’ve only seen maybe 1 in 100 that are experts at melee (with bayonet or elbows). Most people can strike enemies that are right up next to them; almost none can go it alone with melee only and no gunshots.

And if you think about it, Double Freedom is essentially 1-hit kill on all enemies except tanks, and it has longer range and a wider arc than a beam sword would.

I suppose what I would recommend to limit the beam sword is make it so that it has a very small arc of attack (overhead chop downwards = strike only in one direction for maybe 1 degree out of 360 arc). It would obviously be fairly short range (Japanese katana blades are a mere 28 inches; the Star Wars lightsabers are actually quite long for swords).


Underling flamer would be nice - or simply give flamer a mini stun to improve it. You’re pelting the enemy with presurized, burning fuel - it should at least be more distracting than it is now lol

I like the weapon but the change time from main to flamer can get you killed, it’s a tough trade. How do other people find it?


I also find the flamer to be a bit lackluster, in range and damage and effects… It looks and behaves almost nothing like a real flamethrower. It’s more akin to an upsized hairspray/lighter combo, or the basic fire spell from Magicka, lol. I would ideally like its attack to be narrower, more fluid and napalmy looking, longer reaching, and to leave a small burning area at the end of its range or where it hit the enemy.


It would be cool if we could throw the grenades while in the air via jump pack. I really love grenades, it would be nice if we could up the number with some perk or stratagem so we could have more ^^. Since i started to throw ideas,the bigger pistol clip size or more clips for pistol would be sweet, toxic grenades is another one that comes to mind. Even if I know that this is impossible or hard to implement just wanted to throw it out there . This game is so well balanced that is hard to add something or take something away.


Strong Arm could have +2 grenades. Would be more useful.

In future releases grenades might be a slot, so you can choose which you’ll use without locking in a stratagem. Likewise sidearms.


Ya. Videos of flame thrower training show similar logic to fire extinguisers - spray the burning fuel at the base of what you’re attacking. You are spraying a fluid. It is intended to burn for a while. Of course, this isn’t a ww2 game. :stuck_out_tongue: It may be different.

Other thing is ww2 types were only good for a few seconds with an entire /backpack/ of ammo - but nothing could stand against it. By that token our sci fi flamer might be better made a very high damage, incapacitating attack that consumes ammo quickly. A burning aoe leftover on the ground for a few seconds is a great idea, Marny.


Something I’d like is more flexibility on ammunition. As in unlock access to alternate loads, choosing which for a given gun on a mission.

Note, it fudementally changes balance. Some guns would want to be completely redone. This is an idea for future titles.

FMJ = standard rock 'n roll
Frangible = higher damage VS soft targets, reduced VS armoured, ministun
Sabot = punch-through multiple soft targets, reduced damage VS soft targets, higher VS armoured… can damage heavies when chosen in some weapons?
High-powered = heavy propellant loads, so punch-through and damage increase but recoil gets worse, accuracy suffers.

Shotguns are big enough calibre for some different, fun options
Shotshells = standard scatter shot
Flechettes = lower damage, more range, punch through soft
Slug = more range, all damage on one spot, stun (whack!)
Sabot slug = as slug, less damage, punch through soft AND armoured, damage heavies
Explosive slug = small blasts, much like Suppressor currently delivers
Flare = yeah, incendiary. Probably restricted to hand-worked shotties like IRL, reduce damage or range but gain that lovely fire effect.

Still, HD is a drop-in game - any sequel would be similar that way. Does the select-your-ammo idea sound too complex or sound cool?


What about a Plasma-Machinegun? like Mg-94 but shooting plasma bolts , more range, more shoots per second… more fun

Also double-pistols could be great!

some kind of railgun assault rifle or smg could be ok, maybe with less firepower

assault rifle with chainsaw (warhammer 40k style) , so you can keep pressed the melee attack button while moving

as mentioned in other post a bow or melee weaps could be fun


Not sure why i’m replaying again 6 months late :slight_smile:

I think also if we could snatch an enemy grenade and try to toss it back – obviously you might blow up in the process :smiley: – that might be fun. Or if you could sort of ‘bat’ a grenade back at enemies by doing a melee attack, that might be fun. You see all this sort of stuff in various WWII movies, including Saving Private Ryan.:hd_cyborg_soldier:


Yo. Yeah. Cool ideas. Im no game disigner but i think its hard to implement totally new stuff in the game, so i thought it would be cool to mybe tweek with the stuff we
already have. Or we just could take more ammo for the clip sizes and granades ^^


It might be gimmicky, but i always thought it would be cool to have melee weapons in this game. I understand some people mentioned beam swords. Eh, we have metal bayonnets, so why not metal swords and axes? Like i said, the prospect of melee weapons being chosen as a primary weapon in a game like this is pretty gimmicky. I imagine it would be like playing as valk or warrior in gauntlet, but i bet it would be possible to get good with them. And there could be a stratagem that goes along with it that allows you to do quick dashes a number of times before needing to recharge as a way to zip in close to enemies, do your damage and zip away from them quickly. But i suppose thats a post for the stratagem ideas page


I think these types of melee would fit my Helldivers: Insurrection sequel concept/scenario, where Super Earth falls to the 3 alien factions, and the disbanded Helldivers forces resort to improvised weaponry to take back Super Earth from alien occupation. So in that case I’d be on board with the idea you’d be grabbing whatever you could scrounge up, including swords, axes, chainsaws and the like. :smiley:

Probably most of us talked about beam melee and laser swords and the like because it seemed to best fit the Helldivers super techno/sci-fi motif.


I remember a while ago someone said AH was toying with the idea of laser swords in development. I’d really like to see what that might have looked like and how it could still be implemented… although I don’t see them overtaking bayonets in utility (assuming swords had a fast and shorter range slash, similar to the pistol whip but much stronger)