[NEW WORLD RECORD] Retaliatory Strike - 10,000 Kills


I have spent the whole ~4 months trying to beat 3500 kills RS, the old world record. Finally did it! The whole struggle took 510 mins with 5 attempts.

Loadout used: Arc Shotgun, Stratagem Priority, and x4 Thunderer Barrage

Why Arc Shotgun?
Arc Shotgun’s charge is very fast and deals extremely huge damage to everything besides Warlords. But the main reasons I chose to pick Arc Shotgun is that I didn’t need ammo stratagem and it can shoot through all kinds of walls.

Why Stratagem Priority and Thunderer Barrage?
Thunderer Barrage was used to block all paths to me, I have isolated myself from all kinds of enemies and used Arc Shotgun to kill enemies via the neutral cover. Stratagem Priority helped to keep the Thunderer always ready.

Why did you play SOLO?
I have got a great huge and easy map for the 10k kills, the screen is very important. I decided that It will be a lot easier when I have the full screen for myself.

The run took around ~8 hours without failed attempts. It took around ~10 hours with all attemps.



Nice joob.^^ I have vid of Cyborg Rs with 2000 kills,there were 3 of us and it took us 1hr 10 min or so. But this is something else. Congrats dude !! :slight_smile:


Thats just pure dedication there! Congratulations :3
Mind blown!


I’m planning to do Bayonet RS Only as well, due to the enemies that require AT weapons I will need to switch to the Illuminates. It’s possible, I might get a folk who will record the whole run as well since my PC don’t let me record Helldivers.


Jesus, that’s one hell of a feat 0_0


@patrik.lasota @NeverShift_McDouche have you seen this? xD


OMG. Your dedication dude!!! GOLD AND PLATINUM MEDAL!!!


Forgot Diamond!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! That’s very kind of you all!


Wow that’s incredibly impressive!


You sir, are truly the epitome of Super Earth! o7


Arc Shot is faster charging? Shoots through walls?! Damn, so many little details. Amazing effort mate, well done!


Whoa. 8 hours? I’m not sure how many things there are that I would do for 8 hours straight (no food, bathroom, etc.) except sleep. lol

Very nice, dude, congrats!


Holy shit, that’s seriously impressive! The game mode was actually designed with high scoring in mind, and it feels awesome seeing people use it. :smiley:


Haha, that’s what I thought. Many Veterans are going for 1000 kills. It’s a great fun, especially against cyborgs.


Hi. Why dont you post your achievement on Reddit? It’s awesome! More people must to see it :wink:


Hey @SyNteth,
I’m not a Reddit user and I never was. But that’s a good option to join Reddit now. Thanks for the suggestion.


There is a special subreddit for Helldivers in case that you dont know)


Not too late to implement leaderboards for Retaliation Strike total kills? :thinking:

One for each Enemy Faction, across different Difficulty Levels, and lastly Solo, vs Co-Op Team :cowboy_hat_face: