[news] Arrowhead hiring multiple positions for its "exciting next game"

From Twitter:

Jobs page:

We still don’t know what the game is, but perhaps this is one more step towards the point where Arrowhead is allowed eventually to help announce it. :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’re looking for candidates among the Helldivers playerbase (along with everywhere on Super Earth). If you’ve got the skills and are game to move to Sweden, you should look into it. :smile:

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do you guys hire from out of country(sweden)?

If you are unable to move to Sweden and live there, I don’t think they’ll hire.

We definitely do take on people from outside of Sweden, but we do need you to be onsite here in the studios. Generally that means you’re living in the Stockholm area - we don’t really outsource or have any freelancers :slight_smile:

Tl;dr: If you’re the right candidate we are looking for then we will try to help you as much as possible with moving/relocation.

I have no problem in moving to sweden really, I have some friends already there working in games and they have only good things to say about it. will keep an eye out for openings at AH.
the only opening right now is something that am sure I can do, but I have nothing to show for it right now :
oh well.

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err, I mean friends who moved to Sweden.

Just looking at the job requirements and damn you have to be one talented sob to work at :arrowhead_white:, I mean naturally of course but sheeze :stuck_out_tongue:

Id love to apply for the open position of Environment Artist - Nature that would absolutely be my dream job. Having been a professional horticulturalist I have an eye for landscapes. That said I was never an artist my big brother was actually very good though; had the eye for it…

Having been a professional horticulturalist

I’m the wannabe horticulturalist here…I love plants! I can talk about plants allll day :slight_smile: In fact, me and @patrik.lasota are having a plant-off. This involves growing the better plant than the other.

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You should ttly make a thread for this plant growing comp :smiley: Yeah its not so much a wanna be, I mean they taught me the technical stuff I did have very good teachers too but really we should be called gardeners. Ive met many a gardener with greater insight than me. Gardening is a science thats for sure; there’s an absolute ton of knowledge that comes into play and its so amazing. I started very young with plants and was very lucky in having a Landscape Gardener for a father and I also grew up in the Blue Mountains… Picture the Grand Canyon but with trees and somewhere out there a rare clump of Wollemi Pines.

Anyway if you need any help im always about, but learning for yourself is really the fun part sometimes. What kinda plants you growing?

I shall start a plant thread so I do not hijack this thread :smiley:


Now we all know which side you pick in Plants vs Zombies

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They had more to say about hiring for the new project even if they remain Sphinx-like about the project itself:

Open Positions listed at the web site:

  • AI Programmer
  • Environment Artist - Nature (listed twice; presumably two openings)
  • Senior Software Programmer
  • Visual Effects Artist

Can’t draw much from that, other than that hopefully complex AI is involved, and a lot of, uh, Nature. :slight_smile:

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May 1 update…

We have taken the first few stretches of the journey, going into bigger and even more engaging projects, raising the bar of quality for what an Arrowhead game is.

And now we are hiring, big time! We are looking for a ton of new developers in all kinds of areas (and that may be a literal ton as we need nearly 15 people).

They’ll be very exciting times over here the coming years!

I wonder if “projects” (plural) is meaningful? If so, would seem a bit of a surprise/change, given the ballyhoo about bringing the Gauntlet and Helldivers teams together under one roof (literally) to work on The Secret Project.

“… the coming years”? Doesn’t sound like we’ll get an announcement any time soon. Maybe by 2020?

The open positions:

  • AI Programmer

  • Gameplay Programmer

  • Gameplay Programmer

  • Visual Effects Artist

  • Art Director

  • Environment artist – Nature

  • Environment artist – Nature

  • Senior Software Engineer
    The “Nature” part sounds interesting to me.

Gonna be a big world by the look of things…

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It’s a horticulture simulator, you can just tell :wink:


Maybe it’s “Helldivers vs. Plants?”

The “Plant Down Effect”?

“Planticka”? :thinking:

flamethrower might finally see some use

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That “exciting next game” of yours, will there be anything disclosed in the near future? E3 or any other big convention this year?

I’ve been waiting for quite some time now. I am patient.

Needs a little more time before we can say anything ;D


I insist the new game(s) has/have…



Including video links so devs can’t claim, “We don’t use those in Sweden.” :smiley: