[news] Arrowhead hiring multiple positions for its "exciting next game"



You guys KILLED me with this non-game “announcement” that was of course not the announcement we fans have waited years for. :sob::grin:

*The first sentence made me think OF COURSE, they’ll announce the new game on the 10th anniversary of their FIRST game. But… nah. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :thinking:

I was speculating – half joking – ages ago that maybe the reason we won’t hear about Arrowhead’s Secret Project is that maybe it’s a launch title for the successor (whatever it’s to be called) to PlayStation 4. I mean, you can’t talk about a game for a system that doesn’t even exist yet, right?

So if that were the case, and it were for a new console launching maybe by 2021, then probably they couldn’t talk about the game until 2019 or 2020 at earliest.

Perhaps some day we’ll learn if my half-joke speculation was idiotic or predictive. :smiley:


Maan, none of those openings work for me. you guys should have an Open application section as well. Might help guys like me to send in their stuff .


The jobs listing was updated in June sometime, and I wasn’t paying attention. :grin:

Here’s the current listed jobs, which go more into nitty-gritty stuff (enemy designer and mission designer are newly listed I think):

  • AI Programmer
  • Engine Programmer
  • Art Director
  • Enemy Designer
  • Mission Designer
  • Technical Artist
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Tools Programmer


So the Enemy Designer job description is sort of neat to read:

This reminds me what I’ve often found lacking in the umpteen other twin-stick shooters I’ve tried on Steam, although it’s maybe understandable that most tiny dev teams or solo devs can’t really afford to do really interesting and diverse AI enemies – in most, everything simply swarms in a direct line at you. So I’m glad this is such a priority for the Secret Project. :sunglasses:

And while it’s no surprise given past Arrowhead games always emphasizing co-op, it’s also in the job description as a preference under the requirements:

At least a few years of game design experience, preferably design on co-op titles.


Also pretty fascinating is the AI Programmer listing:

We are now hiring a skilled AI Programmer to reinforce the team bringing our game worlds to life, through believable non-playable characters and wildlife. You’ll play a fundamental role in creating fun and engaging gameplay experiences.

## About the job

As part of our friendly AI team your primary focus will be creating, implementing and maintaining a robust core AI system to be utilized throughout the game. This includes developing systems for decision-making, movement, combat and interaction. You will work iteratively in collaboration with the Game Director and Designers to craft believable behaviors, reactions and natural-looking movement for all of our NPC types.

So this sounds like the game will have wildlife, and cool friendly NPCs that play alongside us. :grin: Maybe something akin to hire-able mercenaries in a Diablo game? Or perhaps … well I’ll keep my other guesses to myself. :slight_smile:

*Also, I think they mean “friendly AI” dev team. Not that the AI dev team is “friendly.” Although I assume they are that as well. :grin:


Also, I think they mean “friendly AI” dev team. Not that the AI dev team is “friendly.”

Or do we? :joy::joy::joy: