[news] Autodesk discontinues Stingray (Bitsquid) engine - used for Helldivers/Gauntlet

I was like a year late realizing this – Autodesk, which took on the BitSquid gaming engine used by AH for Gauntlet and Helldivers and changed the game engine name to Stingray, discontinued support for the engine in 2018 and no longer sells it:

There was news coverage on this back in 2017:

They’re continuing support via (I think) plugins for Maya and 3ds Max.

I just wonder if this has any ramifications for future Helldivers updates? I know AH’s no longer involved with Gauntlet (I won’t get into my feelings about that game’s publisher’s short sightedness on that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

I assume the Secret Project is on Unreal, Source or some other mega budget engine.

If the AH techies cared to share any insights about Bitsquid/Stingray engine, it’d be fun/enlightening to hear what they liked about working with that game engine, and maybe what was challenging about working with it?