[news] Sony's Playstation V announcement/trailers (nothing Arrowhead)

Collider has a useful roundup today of all of Sony’s PS5 announcement videos from its June 11 event:

Alas, no Arrowhead game announcement. :frowning: Housemarque (Aliennation) did announce a peculiar, side-scroller/3rd person shooter hybrid that maybe might interest me even if the name - Returnal - rhymes with urinal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Understandably for launch, most emphasis is on (endless) sequels.

I still wish IO would reboot its underrated Freedom Fighters (hamstrung by shabby PS2/XBox hardware/graphics limitations in the day) instead of making more Hitman sequels, but I guess that ship has sailed.

This was the biggest let-down of the whole event! Yes, even worse than that rerelease!

Jokes aside, this makes me even more hyped for Project Testament, since they have even more time to pour that Arrowhead love and magic into it.

Of the announcements, I'm most excited about Solar Ash, that music man, wow. Hyper Light Drifter was awesome so this should be pretty great too!

Can’t wait for the PC release ;o

What a burn!

I definitely see the same creative direction as from Resogun - pretty particle effects abound, from what I see it looks like it will be a nice boss rush game to play.

How do you pronounce urinal? All I could find was a timestamp where the casters say the name, they call it “return-all” in an American accent:

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New reports indicate that Sony “quite smartly” held back certain first and third-party PS5 game announcements so that it could use them as a response to Microsoft’s July event. Those announcements will reportedly be part of an August State of Play that will see even more PS5 games announced and shown.

My body is ready for Arrowhead’s new game!

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I am excited for this trailer like I haven’t been in a long while.

In roughly one week, we’ll finally know on what Arrowhead worked for 5 long years. Or not.

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From the same insider who announced the August 6th SoP, one week before (and who was right):

- Sony still has a big multiplayer game coming close to the launch of the PS5.

Everything falls into place, folks. :sunglasses:

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Still nothing from Arrowhead…

Good things come to those who wait?

Yeah, the event was so boring (except Aeon Must Die, but sadly, there’s a very nasty and shameful story about its development, and how the devs are badly treated).

But nothing Arrowhead again.

There’s still some hope though.

An new event is scheduled for the last week of August. It would be more focused on PS5 with maybe new games revealed.

Although it won’t surprise me if Arrowhead’s next game is cross-gen (PS4 and PS5) with online cross-play like in Helldivers.

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Thanks for the updates. :+1:

Some news… well, rumors actually:

The Sony event scheduled for this week has been postponed to September due to:


Today 6PM GMT for europeans. The show will last 2 hours, possible price reveal of both PS5 and Xbox Series X, new game reveals on both consoles.

I really doubt there will be something about Arrowhead (especially if their PS5 game is the big-secret-megaton-coop-multiplayer-title-you-would-have-never-think-of), but who knows…


Next Sony event could be planned for September 9th.



Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!).

Our next digital showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes, and feature updates on the latest titles from Worldwide Studios and our world-class development partners.

Can :arrowhead_white: Arrowhead be considered as a Sony’s world-class development partner? :shushing_face:

Answer on Wednesday, September 16th, 20h GMT.


It would kinda make sense that Arrowhead are waiting for something like this as its all been kept under-wraps so well for so long. But even then I cant see it happening at this event.

Still no Arrowhead news!

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Yeah, BO-RING show again.

But, we learnt two things:

  1. Sony plans to release cross-gen games for still a few years (even the big first party titles). So we can assume almost for sure that Arrowhead’s next game will be cross-gen too (PS4 and PS5).

  2. As there is still absolutely nothing about “Testament”, we can assume there will be a Liberty Day Update for Helldivers next month. :sunglasses:

Well, at this point, I do not expect anything new about AH next game before Spring 2021 (and maybe later).

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Are they not self-publishing though? And will it be cross platform? I remember awhile back they put out a poll as to what gaming event they should announce their game at. It seemed like a rather casual thing to do. I mean at this point because its taken so long we can guess it’s probably multiplayer and that’s just arrowheads thing right? Sorry I am now just stabbing in the dark, hyped for a game I’ve haven’t even seen yet lol. I’m also guessing that they’re keeping it under wraps because well the competition out there is fierce as all hell.

Helldivers is published by Sony, and they own the IP.

Given the fact Arrowhead said they’re working on an AAA multiplayer title (for years now), we can assume that Sony finances the development of this “top-secret-megaton” game.

Moreover, there is a rumour about a PS5 big multiplayer game kept secret by Sony. Are we talking about the same game? :shushing_face:

Maybe. Or maybe not. Then we’re hyping ourselves for nothing. :upside_down_face:

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All aboard the hype train choo choo!

Actually I don’t think this was ever explicitly stated…

True. I only made a supposition. Helldivers is a success (in my opininon), there’s no reason Sony doesn’t continue to work with Arrowhead.

But maybe Microsoft bought secretly Arrowhead for 1 billion $, who knows… :cowboy_hat_face:

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I personally think there are some really cool things happening with Testament and I do wish I could share more of what I know with you guys but… it is what they say… good things do indeed come to those who wait :wink: