Nominate Helldivers on steam!

Hello fellow Helldivers,

We can nominate Helldivers for the steam awards!


Im doing my part, what about you? :wink:


In which category did you nominate HD?

“Haunts My Dreams”


I think the ‘slogan awards’ are a complete waste of time.

fwiw, I went with the listed

The “Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War” Award

I agree with you, but lets try to make developers of Helldivers happy and show them we are true loyal fans!

Haha, we already know we have awesome fans <3

But winning a title may be nice just to get a fresh round of new recruits in the playerbase if the awards get some attention. More recruits = more active community.

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Haunts My Dreams is perfect for Helldivers.


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This game is a true labour of love. :slight_smile:


Well, to me the obvious choice is to “Write-In” Award as:

Spreading Managed Democracy


I don’t know how many such submissions it would take, but there can be only one winner of this particular “Write-In” Award.


I’m still not really sure what all of this even is… Does Arrowhead get something if they win?

In any case, I have done the deed!

Probably just an award for winning and more people playing Helldivers.

We should nominate it for different category lads :wink: i know “Democracy” is fitting best for it, but it has no chance to make it. Maybye category about updates would be better (Dunno its english name, i got steam translated in my language)

I changed mine to “Spreading Managed Democracy

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I also have mine as Spreading Managed Democracy

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“Labor of Love” award. Don’t think I really need to explain why. Fits well with AH’s perspective on games methinks.

But I could just as easily have been several others, like Haunts my Dreams ;D

This award is basically for games that are supported years after original release, so would certainly apply to Helldivers and would be my top choice out of all the other canned options based on their full descriptions.

I am still sticking to Spreading Managed Democracy because as a write in with many of us behind it, there is a higher chance of it winning than the canned categories that are going to get tons more competition from 1000’s of other games.