Noob Tuesday, Fan-Made Event

What is that? Is this Official?
One year ago, one of the Helldivers community members had a great idea, to create a fan event in-game. It was called “Noob Tuesday”. Every Tuesday, our brave Veterans and Experienced Helldivers had to help newbies.

How does it work? Can I participate?
As stated above, Veterans and Experienced people have to join low difficulty lobbies or find low ranks every Tuesday. Their job is to help and teach new players, meanwhile recording the whole run (if it’s possible)

Everyone can participate! Just make sure you are experienced enough to don’t disappoint new players!

How people recognize us?
Add the tag to your nickname (Noob Tues). That’s how our veterans and new Helldivers will recognize us.

Is it PC only?
No, however it was mainly organized by the PC players, all PSN players are welcome to participate as well.

Do I get something for that?
Besides satisfaction and nice integration with new Helldivers, no. You don’t get any reward for that.

Do you want to share your thoughts? Go ahead! Leave a comment below as well, I would like to see how many people would like to receive this event.

Youtube videos of the event: CLICK ME!
EDIT: Post on Helldivers Steam Forums: CLICK ME!


Im in ! This is awesome idea !

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Let’s bring this back, I usually do this regularly but I love the idea of an organized event that everyone pitches in for!

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Sure I’ll join in. Sounds like fun.

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Nice to see you here Nito .

Yeah man, didn’t know this existed till you posted it.

Nice idea. Newbies are good fun. Always pack some kind of AT options though, in case they get confident and select a Helldive :wink:

Nice to throw a commendation out there for good play so early in the piece too.

I endorse this product and/or Service.