Obtaining Platinum trophy is close to impossible

The community does not care about these events, whenever they occur the majority plays on the wrong planet.

Defender of Humanity
Take part in a successful defense of a capital city by completing at least one mission

Spreading Managed Democracy
Take part in a successful final assault on an enemy’s home planet by completing at least one mission.

Would be nice if they didn’t require as much points to complete, or if they got replaced with a new trophy…

Defender of Humanity was obtainable earlier today. We just successfully defended the capital city against Cyborgs.

Spreading Managed Democracy is also obtainable but it takes time, usually up to 40 days each war.

I participated in the defence and it was a major failure, can there be 2 in 1 day? Or you saw wrong

1st defend capital city event was a failure and then we had to defend the 2nd capital city later which was successful. Apparently, you missed that one.

… how do I tell when the next defence/assault is?

Regularly log into the game to check the status. If we are not making any progress in the sector or the enemy homeworld assault is about to fail then the enemy is going to counter-attack on one of the capital cities.

You can also check the status via HD Discord in the #operational-intel channel.

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Thanks. Will it say attack/defend or something on discord? So this can happen multiple times per day? Possibly even a third?

Yes, but in the specific channel, I mentioned above.

That’s correct.