Option to choose the mission music

Hi, after 800 hours on Helldivers PS3, this is time to make my first request! (I have others, but I really wish this one to be implemented in the game)

It’s a pity that awesome musics are tied to the mission difficulty level.

For each species:

  • Difficulty 1-4 : music #1
  • Difficulty 5-8: music #2
  • Difficulty 9 and above: music #3
  • Boss: dedicated music

So basically, after hundreds hours of playtime, a player will only listen the music #3 for each species, as there’s no point to play under difficulty 12 (now 14-15).

When I launch sometimes an easy or medium difficulty mission, I’m just thrilled how musics in these difficulties are AWESOME.

Actually, in my opinion, some are even better than the ones in difficulty 9+.

Just listen this part of the Illuminate planet (Difficulty 5-8) music. Tears of delight.

And now imagine doing an Illuminates Retaliatory Strike lvl.13 (by the way, do not fix the balance issue in this particular mission, it’s so much fun!) with this epic music. OMG.

So, could it be possible to add a game option to choose the music played during a mission for each species (music #1, #2, or #3)?

Or an option to play randomly a music from the available 3 for each species?

What the other Helldivers think about it?

Thanks for reading and Arrowhead guys, let’s say it, you created one of the best game I ever played.

Keep up the good work!