Over 10 new games to be revealed soon? Let the speculations begin

So the Game Awards for 2018 plan to reveal more than 10 new games…

Obviously any studio that hasn’t released a game in a while may have one up their sleeve ready to reveal at such an event, so who are the candidates?

Most commonly being reported on Internet is speculation that 20th Century Fox plans to reveal a new Alien game called Alien: Blackout which was outed by none other than Hideo Kojima.

Aside that I have seen various buzzing speculation about Warner Bros planning to reveal multiple new games at Game Awards

Looking into Studious that are subsidiary to Warner Bros and haven’t released game in a while nor revealed what they are working on next in any official capacity.

  • NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat, etc) next game?
  • RockSteady Studios (Batman Arkham) next game?
  • WB Montreal (DC Universe) next game?

Beyond that, what if they are the publisher for Arrowhead’s next game (like they did Gauntlet)? Maybe that could be a 4th possible game from Warner Bros they could be planning to reveal at The Game Awards 2018. I kind of doubt it because Warner Bros tends to stick to established IP and Arrowhead I feel would do something new, but not entirely out of realm of possibility.

I leave the rest to you… maybe you will fumble on some interesting potentials or have wild speculations of your own.


So nothing from Arrowhead, but we did get a new premier trailer for a new 3rd person game being described as a survival shooter co-opetition game called Scavengers

Cooperate to Survive
Compete to Win

Got my attention