Passive damage of nature elements


Poison does percent damage + armor penetration + slow walking [ that makes Rumbler extra powerful vs any target ]
Electricity - only slow walking
Flame - damage in values (!) + blocking the road [ damage enough to kill helldiver, but not for any heavy unit )
Shockwave / Railgun - stun effect
Smoke - hiding effect, this effect nobody uses, cause of enemies in most situations attacks melee, and inside battle using smoke seems like “dont attack me, attack somebody another” - it wont save any helldiver, is he trapped or not

  1. So if you prefer toxic gun instead of flamer, you gets armor-penetrated percent-damager, no reason to use flamer

  2. Using tesla coil forces to wait 2 seconds between hit. Its enough to call additional units for scouts.
    Tesla gun is very weak weapon vs any heavy unit.
    Static field is extremaly required stuff cause of slow walking almost 100%.

  3. Flame weapons almost useless instead of flame wall thanks to 45 seconds reload and way blocking effect. There are plasma pistol that deals damage to space, it could be usefull as grenade pistol, cause of armor penetration effect, not about flame.

So, about rebalance:

  1. Toxic gun could stack the damage instead of percent damage. Each 0.5 sec of poisoning should double the damage, so if you focus the target - you kill it faster. Also toxic gun should create puddles with same effect - if enemy goes through for some time - it receives more and more damage. Slow walking effect keeps the same. Rumbler after each explosion penetrates armor and create puddles under the target. Actually it becomes acid gun instead of poison.

  2. Tesla turret should be combined with “scout bait” instead of separate stratagems, but really it wont make it more useful cause of noone see that scouts is killed, currently bait works same way - the scouts just collecting somewhere and then dissappeared without players on the screen. So tesla tower could be merged with static field too and balanced with reload time and tower limit. It should bait enemies (not only scouts), freeze it like static field and then slowly kill with lightning.

Tesla gun should be upgraded with immediate freeze effect for 1-2 sec. So jumping between heavy targets freezes it for several seconds. Then this weapon would be like railgun on higher levels. Useless but can save some lives especially when helldiver trapped.

Also damage should be combined like “small value enough to unarmored scout + damage percent calculated from enemy health”, armor penetrating included, even shields, but no vehicles. Lighting freezes any unit but deal damage only for persons / bugs / shield carriers / damn illuminate flying toilets included.

  1. Flame damage should deal damage in percents but without armor penetration. It means enemy on fire losing HP same fast as helldiver, this effect should be non-instant, requires 1sec contact with flame, and one effect deals 50% of health, so you need two effects one after one, effects wont stack. Helldiver has a 50% health then falls down, no changes. Grenade launcher deals that effect after 2 grenades hit. And penetrates medium armor (no tanks / big bugs) cause of grenades. Blocking way effect keeps the same. Flamer should create way-blockers faster and deal damage like 10% of each second contact (attention that will not penetrate armored targets)

  2. Shockware / railgun. This railguns, turrents, shockwave mines… its all useless. Railguns cause of small clip, small reload speed, . Once i have seen how guys use it - really heavy enemies gets stucked for 3 seconds after hit. There are real good weapons, that owns half of the screen, this weapon that just stun enemy and has ~20 ammo total is weaker than most of them. Railgun turret more often kill helldivers than enemies. Expensive and useless. As an idea should “detonate” the armor, not just stun effect but open armored target for small arms damage for several time. Then it could be support weapon vs heavy targets. Currently like constitution - looks funny, even the constitution could be dangerous weapon, railgun isnt. Shockwave mines should create rage forcing enemies to attack each other or run away instead of stun effect (inverse control+ for any unit who get catched)

  3. Smoke. Should do one of that - creates rage between enemies forces it to attack each other, or it should be instantly reprogram enemies to get away from helldivers positions allowing throw nades to trapped guys to save them. In that way stratagem instantly creates smoke like static field could be useful, enemy calls reinforcements, you create smoke around yourself, and enemies gets away keeping silence.