Patch 7.01

We are deploying a patch on all Playstation platforms now and Steam will follow later today, here is what it does:


The main purpose of this patch is to fix the issue with the timer in Proving Grounds sometimes stopping before the mission is completed.


  • Fixed issue where Elapsed Time in Proving Grounds would stop on host migration

  • Improved registration of Elapsed Time in Proving Grounds

  • Fixed issue where Proving Ground missions selected in offline mode were still available when going back online

  • Fixed issues with Reload Surprise not reloading/switching weapon correctly

  • Fixed issue where Heavy Strafing Run would not count kills in Retaliatory Strike

  • Fixed host migration issue with EMP modifier

  • Fixed flickering issue on proving ground tiles when facing illuminates

  • The raise flag animation on Defend Area now looks smoother

  • Fixed missing sounds in the reward screen

  • Fixed issue with a star being displayed on the Proving Ground reward screen even if the mission failed

  • Fixed issue with incorrect influence gained numbers shown after completing a Proving Ground

  • Fixed issue with certain stratagems not being included in the pool for “Anti-Tank and Pistols Only”

  • Fixed issue with crashes caused by invalid loadouts being edited

  • Other improvements to Proving Ground stability and performance


  • FLAM-24 Pyro now leaves small fire puddles (similar to FLAM-40 Incinerator)

  • Reward screen now runs faster

  • Player card now displays different icons for each type of grenade

  • Added option to enter the Proving Grounds by selecting Super Earth in the Galactic Campaign screen.

  • Proving Grounds are no longer available if Super Earth is under attack (you should be out there defending our home!)

  • Added missing outline around MGX-42

  • Added back “Other Players” under death count in reward screen as it had been unintentionally removed

  • Removed Humblebee UAV drone and Distractor Beacon from “Defensive Stratagems Only”

  • Mission time is no longer visible on the Proving Grounds reward screen

  • Community influence bar is now hidden while on the ship and playing Proving Grounds


Glad to see some of the old bugs getting finally fixed and happy to see a Pyro buff as well!


I knew accidentals didn’t count at one point, but I hadn’t even thought of kills not counting

Also Pyro Buff!

I’m glad to see that arrowhead didn’t postpone the release of the patch until the liberty day next year.

Is lumberer forgotten by developers?

maybe you should reset the leaderboard.

Dear devs, please make ability to skip losing screen, why do I need to wait so the game can tell me that I got +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 and total +0. Thanks alot :blush: (Or just make a restart button).

Hey, AH guys (and girls)… do you know you are truly incredible?!:sunglasses:

This 3 improvements has been requested just a few days ago, and you already implemented it in the game (in addition to fixing PG).

Arrowhead rocks. Definitely. :+1:

Flame pistol is finally useful for creating firewall.

Speeding up reward screen was requested years ago, 3 years ago to be precise. (reddit post).

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I think we do not speak of the same thing.

See my post about Reward Screen being a lot slower since Dive Harder Update.

There are still some bugs / glitches which remain unfixed (correct me if I’m wrong)

  1. Rumbler plays another smoke animation after its third shot in a burst, making it seem as if there are 4 projectiles being fired
  2. Shadows (bug that is in difficulty 13-15) often don’t play alarm animation, which makes it harder to avoid alarms, which is pretty big deal on difficulty 15 missions
  3. Cyborgs appear out of nowhere, if you run fast enough, they can even appear right next to you (they don’t spawn / have any animation, they are just there from thin air)
  4. Not 100% sure if this is bug, but IFVs ram rocket objectives, which kills them, even though they can shoot it and continue to attack helldivers

I have sent all of these to support before, only to get responses like “check FAQ” or “Don’t stand between IFV and rocket”. They attack rockets even without helldiver in front of them, I have tested this.

Hi, can we get a Lazer sight on the camper? I would love it to be in line with the gunslinger and dum-dum. It needs a sight, it’s a sniper rifle! (I know everyone thinks the sight is useless, but it helps a bit on console).

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The laser-Sight Perk exists for these accuracy based weapons and I would absolutely recommend you use it, it is a valid choice in any loadout that is based around precision-based primaries. At some point you will find that you do not need it anymore, though.

Give it time and experience. I promise you, you will acquire a natural accuracy with all weapons in this game, even the snipers, and even on a gamepad.

I say this as someone who has been playing this game on a gamepad for a long time, even though I started on PC. :slight_smile:

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I want tell about some visual bugs. If will empty magazine in SMG-45 after reloading magazine will not visible, but if reload gun before full empty this bug not happen. After jump with LIFT and use sprint the model helldiver is stuck.

It seems SCEE guys forgot to deploy the 7.01 update for the PS3 version in Europe.

Today, November 12th, 15h00 GMT, still nothing. I’m still on version 7.00, and it says the last version is installed when checking for the update.

When I try to join my friends who plays on PS4 (Europe too), it displays “Unable to join. Version mismatch.”, obviously.

EDIT: today, November 13th, 13h00 GMT, still no 7.01 update for PS3. I don’t know for PS Vita.

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It’s strange.I often unable to load this topic.It shown this possibly due to a connection problem but I can load others.

Greetings Admiral. Without wanting to sound big headed I’ve been fighting for super earth for a while and my accuracy is fine. It’s more the visual / style of the camper that I’m thinking about. I think a sight on it would be cool! (And a little bit helpful)

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7.01 update finally available for PS3 in Europe. I don’t know if it was just a delay/omission or if Arrowhead phoned SCEE to kick their butt. ^^


Yes, you done fucked up.
Yes. Exactly!
Uh huh… get your shit together! Get your shit together right now!
Ok, thank you.

How this phone-call went (probably).