Patch 7.02?

What has been changed?
The only thing I found so far was that
I can choose where to be spawned when I commence retaliatory mission

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No official patch notes yet and the PC version stays still at 7.01

Update is out on Steam as of 4 minutes ago :)
Should be rolled out through the regions soon.

After doing some digging, it seems like Arrowhead have added something for redeeming Proving Grounds capes using Steam keys, so good news for @Dyzzy :)

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He plays on PS4, so no capes awarded after the patch. :smiley:

Maybe after the current war ends (previous PG results stacked or something like that, but it seems unlikely…).

We’ll have to do the work all again! :poop:

I think is safe to say good news for all today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, sorry to hear about this, could you please answer these questions so that it’s easier to help?

  1. Are you reinstalling the game from a copy, or by downloading from Steam again?
  2. Are you using any Windows compatibility settings?
  3. What processor is your system using?

there are answers :

  1. I have completly un-installed the game, than cleaned cache and registers, and then downloaded and installed thru STEAM application on my PC.
  2. Im using official Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) with all relased upadates. (Net Framework 4.0, MS Redistributable, and ofcourse, all drivers are successfully installed and working)
  • Intel Core2Quad Q6600 ( O.C.: 3.0Ghz )*
  • Gigabyte P35-DS3-R* (latest BIOS flashed)
  • Kingston PC2-6400 800Mhz 2x2Gb ( O.C.: 1066Mhz )*
  • Sapphire (AMD) Radeon HD 6670 2Gb ( core:800Mhz-mem:1000Mhz / O.C.: *
  • core:835Mhz-mem:1140Mhz )*
  • all running on slightly increased voltage with propper cooling system ofcourse…*

Hmmm, if the game worked fine before it shouldn’t break just from this update, maybe there’s something else.

Do you remember the last version of the game that worked for you?