Patch Notes v6.0?

Just curious if there are any bug fixes along with the new content in version 6.0? I finally have been able to play some of the new content (end of the war so not as much as I would like!), and I have noticed a few bugs seem to have been fixed!

Stalwart magazine rattle seems to have been rectified, as well as getting stuck when exiting the bottom left hellpod. I’m not sure if it’s placebo, but I haven’t been able to reproduce these bugs the past couple days, either on PS4 or Steam. Awesome!

Thanks for the new update, the new difficulties have made me completely change my solo loadouts! A new challenge, just when I thought I was beginning to master this fantastic game. Can’t wait to dive back in and get the full experience once the war is over! o7

Good question. I don’t know if any specific fixes were included in addition to the new content.

We didn’t receive a full list of the changes made in this patch. But It is less likely they have fixed any of the bugs we have been reporting.