[PC games] Steam Spring Game Festival (March 18-23): dozens of free demos to try

If you’re a PC gamer and stuck inside for the obvious, global contagion reason, you might check out Steam’s ongoing Spring Edition game festival, which features dozens of playable demos of new and upcoming indie PC games. Believe it continues through Monday, March 23.

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Stanley Parable Demo best demo.

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I kinda dig Raji, which is sort of channeling maybe Prince of Persia (originals) and Tomb Raider a bit in an India setting. Really beautiful graphics and music. The camera view feels too zoomed away back at first – characters feel tiny – but it lets you always have good visibility in combat and cinematic views of the surroundings. :slight_smile:

For Twin-Stickers, I’d say HyperParasite is the only game on this list worth checking out. Demo lets you play a pretty large chunk of it, seems like.


I didn’t much enjoy an early beta of it, but it’s come far since then. The whole “jumping from body to body” aspect is innovative, if at times a bit confusing in terms of power ups and “brain” installations and “body saving” options. Remind me a bit of the B-sci-fi movie The Hidden.