Personal thoughts and optional suggestions regarding Arrowhead games

Helldivers was my first AH game ever and one of the very few games which I still play after unlocking the platinum trophy.

The reasons I am such a fan are because it implements team work very well and has a rather friendly player-base. It is also extremely realistic when it comes to physics, the fact that everything can kill you almost instantly and the way you call for support, extraction, etcetera…

Helldivers respects my time. (This is my own opinion) Unlike many other games which take forever to finish with the limited amount of time I have a day, Helldivers lets me play as long as I want allowing me to log off anytime feeling satisfied. For example: If I have plenty of time on my hands I will play till I’m sick. If I have a limited amount of time, I will liberate one or two planets and know that I haven’t left any itchy loose ends… I’m not sure if I made any sense, but hopefully you understand. :slight_smile:

Another all time favourite aspect of Helldivers is that I hardly ever experience any lag compared to other games, and when I do, it is very rare or barely noticeable.

Helldivers can be both very challenging and very easy which I love! It welcomes both casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

Those are some of the points that I think make Helldivers great, now here are some suggestions/recommendations for any future update or game etcetera…

Let the game have respectful single player/offline support. On one occasion when my internet was down I decided to play Helldivers, however, I could only fight one alien race because the others were defeated and there was no way for me to beat the final race on my own without the help of the online community. Therefore I was stuck with one race for the rest of the month.

Make the tutorials more explanatory. In one scenario most players are oblivious to the fact that they can use stratagems and other equipment when downed, or that they can wait for a second extraction ship if needed.

When I would play with a second player on the same system, the guest was unable to unlock any new stratagems. I’m not sure if it is still like this though.
In conclusion; I personally feel that a game can never truly die when it is not solely dependant on an internet connection.

These are my own thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to share your own likes and dislikes and let others know what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read my amateur review and thank you Arrowhead for being awesome devs!
Have a wonderful day! :smiley:


Yeah, it would be nice. Being locked out of playing against certain enemy types is one of the very few things I actually really dislike about the game. I get that it’s a cool concept on paper and all, but for a long-time player, such as myself, it does get annoying to be locked out of playing some of the game at any given time. There’s nothing you can do about it either; it’s not brought on by anything you did and it can’t be overcome with any amount of individual skill or action on your part.

Luckily, I never had this problem when I was coming up, but I’d heard of many frustrations of new players not being able to unlock stuff simply because they got unlucky in their timing (e.g. they happened to buy the game when the only thing available to play is the Illuminate homeworld). Not a very good first impression for many, I would imagine.


Going of what Lein and SummerDude have mentioned (and of course knowing this won’t change now), if I could change anything about the Galactic Campaign in Helldivers it would be adding the option to play against the other races, and the way I would do it is add 2 extra planets next to the Enemy Master Planet in the planet selection of every alien race.

These planets - lets call them Rebel Incursion Planet - would function in the same way Enemy Master planets work, i.e. you can only access them by spending some of your influence points of the particular alien race you are currently accessing and they would only remain active for a fixed amount of time; finishing this planet would reward you with some Bonus XP and Bonus influence (which counts ONLY towards Galactic Campaign progression and can not be spent on Enemy Master planets or other Rebel Incursion Planets).
Functionally these planets would be your typical Helldive planet consisting of 3 missions, one of which should be a Retaliatory Strike (or if that’s too much for everbody, make it only a 33 - 50% chance of including a RS).

I imagine these planets could be accessible within any alien system at any time, or only if their corresponding alien races are otherwise unavailable, either due to having been defeated or at the start of a new War.

I feel this would be a good addition to the current Galactic Campaign. It would be a compromise, for sure, but it would make a lot of players happy while still forcing them to play against those alien races that are still active participants in any ongoing war.

What do you guys think?


Hey Guys,

I agree with the being locked out of fighting with different factions. It was the natural conclusion when it came to the design. “What happens when you win against the Cyborgs? Can you still fight them?” The natural answer was “of course not”.

We saw this issue but decided that it was worth more for us to go “all in” on the galactic campaign. And as Citizen_Graves suggested, our captain hindsight solution was to have incursions happen on either the capital world of the faction or on a random planet, allowing either a) faction to be present for the duration of the war or b) have the faction return to full strength if not all of them were brought down at the same time.

Hindsight is always 20/20 though :man_facepalming:

The idea of doing global coop like the galactic campaign was, and still is, uncharted territory :slight_smile:


Personally I am fine with it how it works and I respect that even with this causing some dissatisfaction with some players, you guys stick with what you feel.

The only cases where to me it is a real problem is when

  1. Galactic Campaign is going on too long, keeping significant part of games content locked, especially as it relates to new players. This was a bigger issue earlier into the life of Helldivers when wars would last much longer even after 1 enemy faction has already been taken out. Arrowhead had done much to reduce frustration that used to be caused by long running attrition causing Galactic Campaign Wars.
  2. Someone is unable to get back online but last time they were on, some factions were already defeated so they are stuck in that state unless they are willing to delete the save files to reset the local game state completely. It is tough to imagine in today’s world why someone can’t reconnect online just once to get updated, but sometimes online just isn’t available or even major situation like the case of the PS3 and PS-Vita players for a few months now are not able to connect to Helldivers online to get updated for players that are in US Region using AT&T as their ISP.

I am not sure what the solution is for 2nd case above, but certainly something to keep thinking about as you continue to work on the PS3 / PS-Vita issue for US based AT&T home ISP users.

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I guess this bugged me when I first played Helldivers on PS Vita in spring 2015. I mean, I was SO excited about the game. I wasn’t interested in getting a full console but I got a Vita just to play Helldivers.

And I enjoyed it. And then suddenly my favorite factions to fight (Cyborg and Bugs) were unavailable, and the remaining Illuminates – which I didn’t like to play against, and to this day really don’t – seemed to drag on forever. This annoyed me so much I quit the Vita version probably around early summer 2015. What I could maybe compare it to is if you bought Starcraft, and the game periodically didn’t allow you to play against the Protoss for weeks, or the Zerg for weeks. I mean, you pay for your game to battle these three dynamic factions, and then sometimes for even weeks, poof, you can’t play them at all.

I got re-excited when I heard about the impending PC/Steam version.

I can’t go into a 2015 time machine, but I think what annoyed me was the game wasn’t – at least this was my knee jerk perception then as someone who bought an expensive PS Vita just to play helldivers – really upfront or clear about explaining how the campaign worked (probably the encyclopedia kiosk on your ship explains it), so the factions dropping felt like an unpleasant surprise. In fact, I think back then I thought the game had broken, or I’d encountered a bug. :):sob:

By the time I played the PC/Steam version in Dec. 2015, my few dozens hours on Vita had sort of ‘taught’ me how the campaign worked, and I knew what to expect. So it never really bothered me on PC the way it did when I first encountered factions becoming unaccessible on Vita.

As @NeverShift_McDouche said, the idea of doing global coop like the galactic campaign was, and still is, uncharted territory. There are bound to be a few things that don’t work well for everyone all the time, but I for one am glad they took the risk to do something new and innovative.

Per what you said, at first you got something unexpected didn’t like it, but then you developed a taste for freedom and democracy and started to realize that when you can’t slay any more of your favorite alien scum to slay, it means you have been successful in Spreading Managed Democracy.

While that’s sort of true, I still tend to stay away from Helldivers when it’s just illuminates. :slight_smile:

I just got over getting bent out of shape over it.