[POLL] If Helldivers was spun-off into a different genre, which one sounds most appealing?

  • Action RPG (“Helldivers Diablo”)
  • Air Combat Sim Game (“Helldivers Falcon”)
  • First-Person Shooter (“Helldivers Half-Life”)
  • MMORPG (“Helldivers Star Wars the Old Republic”) [I wanna say Tabula Rasa, but not enough people ever played it :)]
  • Third-Person Shooter (“Helldivers Mass Effect and Gears of War”)
  • Real-Time gritty war Strategy Game (“Helldivers Company of Heroes”)
  • Real-Time high-tech sci-fi Strategy (“Helldivers Starcraft”)
  • Real-Time Squad Strategy (“Helldivers Syndicate”)
  • Space Fighter-Combat (“Helldivers X-Wing/Wing Commander”)
  • Turn-based Squad Strategy (“Helldivers XCOM”)

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I think I understand the poll ‘code’ options now, so I think this one works as I like it to. You’ll automatically vote when you check a bubble. :slight_smile: I promise no more polls from me for a while. It’s a cool feature though, it might be useful in other forums here to some extent too.

I’ve never played any of those games, but I feel like maybe a turn-based strategy. I suppose that’s partly because Helldivers is more of a decision-making game more so than a tech-skill game.

You forgot one:

Helldivers Arcade Racing Game: “Super Helldivers Democracy Kart Racers”

I’m being serious, too, because I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a fun Mario Kart clone with Helldivers characters.


I pick the hammer

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Good, then I’ll be able to race you while riding a Behemoth.

While I’m not adverse to a “Helldivers racing game” as a side thing or mini-mission :grinning:, I don’t really see it as something Sony would ask a developer to make a full game out of. Nintendo sure, but they don’t own the Helldivers IP; which is also why a Switch version of Helldivers will never happen, even though it’s probably perfect for the handheld.

I forget I’m probably at least twice the age of the average Helldivers player. So referring to stuff like Falcon, Syndicate, Tabula Rasa etc. is probably unfair. Here’s some videos of some of these older games I referenced:

Syndicate Wars (1996) [not as successful sequel to Syndicate, but it’s the one I played then]

*Hamstrung by crude SVGA graphics of the era. Some awesome showstopping powers for your squad including one that would bring entire buildings crumbling down; and “razorwire” which schredded enemies as they walked through it.

Tabula Rasa (awesome sci-fi mmorpg from devs of Ultima Online; imho just misfortune of releasing in the era of World of Warcraft’s early heyday (2007-2009):

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I loved Syndicate and even Syndicate Wars back in the day. If you haven’t yet, give Satellite Reign a chance. Not only is it made by some of the same people behind SWars, it is also a spiritual sequel to Syndicate Wars and its plot. The game is flawed but entertaining, and playing it activated all of my nostalgia receptors, even though there is a great difference in gameplay and many of the systems between these games.

As for the racing game idea, or any of the other ideas, I don’t expect any of them will ever happen. I mean, I’d love it if any of them happened! I’d love it if Helldivers was such a commercial success that it would warrant this type of diversity in products. But you know, I try not to be delusional. Not too much anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Behemoths don’t like things on our backs

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I bought Satellite Reign but just couldn’t get into it, and generally felt lost once the tutorial sections ended. I dunno. I lack a proper gaming attention span these days.

EA did a big budget Syndicate reboot some years back but it seemed like slop, and I skipped it.

The idea and intention behind the Syndicate game was cynical and horrible, but it was made by some of the people who would later become Machine Games and make the excellent Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Honestly, I did enjoy Syndicate for what it was, and I was somewhat enamored by its coop mode. The biggest mistake that EA made back then, IMO, was shoving that game onto the market without also catering to Syndicate fans with a new classic Syndicate game. If that game hadn’t been called Syndicate, or if it had been part of a planned revival of the series with top-down tactical squad games, then people wouldn’t have been so critical of that FPS game.
Anyway, I don’t think I’d recommend the game now because it hasn’t aged that well with its gameplay, but I didn’t think it was that horrible back then.

I didn’t say the Syndicate reboot was “horrible,” I said it was “slop.” :grin: I don’t remember it at all. I maybe tried a demo, and I just saw it as Another Sci-Fi FPS with “Syndicate” stapled on it.

Here’s the trailer from 2011:

I just think of it whenever someone suggests Arrowhead do a Helldivers FPS. Now, if Arrowhead did an FPS without the Helldivers name, then I think it wouldn’t bring ‘baggage of expectations’ and then maybe it might not be a terrible idea. But just because something was wonderful as a twin-stick doesn’t mean it would have the magic in a drastically different genre. Still, I think it’s fair enough to conjecture, and thus this thread. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried both of Bethesda’s Wolfenstein game and even with FOV full up both cause me debilitating motion sickness. I returned the 1st one to my Steam pal (gift-sender), and the 2nd one was through the free trial on Steam. The 2nd one is certainly cool for having a 'disabled" hero (wheelchair bound), which makes for a refreshing take on things. Killing Floor 2 is literally the only FPS I can play for hours without motion sickness, I couldn’t tell you why. So please Arrowhead don’t go into FPSs, as I am unlikely to follow you there. :sob:

So this is why so many of my hours goes into isometric games, overhead twin-sticks and side-scrollers (Door Kickers Action Squad in early access is the latter, and quite fun; it’s online co-op just needs some more specific reasons for 2 players to truly work together).

I worked as a scripter on the Coop-levels of Starbreeze Syndicate. It was a pretty fun experience as the MP was regarded as something of an extra mode. This meant that we were a smaller team that kinda got to do our own thing and, as an added bonus, EA didn’t really pay any attention to what we were doing. :slight_smile:

As an anecdote my face is actually in the game on some of the hobos in the beginning of the SP campaign (we used employee faces for NPCs). They asked around for people who looked like bums and I fit the bill so they 3d scanned my face and put it in. Good luck seeing it though as the hobos mostly cover in fear, face down in the gutter when shit hits the fan.


I am not able to pick any option so I will abstain from the vote. To me, if you aren’t Helldiving, then it isn’t Helldivers.

I can’t read your mind, Cusman! If you wanted to vote for Heldlivers Yahtzee or Helldivers Tennis or Helldivers Bobsled Racing or Helldivers Bungee Jumping games, just let me know, and I’ll add a new entry for the poll. :sunglasses:

I’ll be honest, I see the appeal of an XCOMesque Helldiver’s spinoff but I don’t think that’s befitting. Instead, I’d rather try to make art assets for XCOM 2 and roleplay a Helldiveresque campaign. Not saying this is easy to do but that’s XCOM’s territory when handling stuff of this sort.

Instead, I’d prefer an FPS spinoff. Not one like Half-Life, rather it’d be akin to Battlefield but full PvE instead. Take the excellent gun mechanics of BF, vehicle combat of mechs/tanks/etc, and everything is summonable with stratagems.

That’s what I’d want… Besides Helldiver-Hammer racing down Rainbow Road while getting nailed by a shredder…

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There is no way your finishing rainbow road with a hammer

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Not with that attitude!

Didn’t expect that… could be fun

Sigh. Sometimes my threads and polls just don’t go in the directions I was aiming for. :upside_down_face: Much like many weapons in Helldivers. :laughing: