[POLL] If Helldivers was spun-off into a different genre, which one sounds most appealing?

I think a multilpayer turn based strategy would be fantastic perhaps in the way the way that each person has a load out and works with the squad to complete the mission cus hell divers in my opinion is kinda a team game. I also like the idea of a 3rd person kinda horde based game cus as we all know as a helldiver you’re always outnumbered and your enemies are without number killing all the enemies around you is only a momentary breather

I guess my “third-person shooter” poll entry now sounds - sadly? :sob: - prophetic. :thinking:

@NeverShift_McDouche once mentioned having a design doc for Eagles of Democracy. Also said he has around 20 such design docs.

If their new 3rd Person Online Co-Op game is a Helldivers spin-off concept, it wouldn’t be the Helldivers we know, but it could still be something great for us to enjoy.

I picked FPS but whatever the genre I feel like Arrowhead would smash it out of the park. A lot of luck leaning kart racers out there would love to see more of a throwback to the old Mario Kart 64 which was more skill based imo except for those tracks where you could jump the walls: Wario Stadium, and Rainbow Road. I think why Mario Kart works so well is cause it doesnt take itslef too seriously though so idk maybe thats just a surface thing.

They asked around for people who looked like bums and I fit the bill :joy::rofl::disappointed:

I misread the title originally and was thinking ‘ooh! a fantasy twinstick with orcs and elves!’. I’ll go with Action RPG (could still be twinstick!) followed by XCOM.

Please add me into this poll too

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If you go to the first post you can cast a vote :)

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Welcome to the community, sdfsadasfd! :sunglasses:

Yes, I left the poll “open.” You should see “click bubbles” to choose a poll answer in the initial post here. If you only see percentage meters showing how the poll vote went, that means you would’ve voted in the poll before (since you’re new here, I doubt that’s the case). :slight_smile:

I’d like to see an ‘HD Syndicate’ type game (mostly because squad of 4, it makes sense) but tbh Syndicate isn’t a game a rank very highly… mostly because the ui was difficult and you end up with the squad using a lot of AI instead of you micro-managing the squad. But a real-time squad strategy Helldivers would be awesome, if they could manage it in a way where the pc doesn’t have to take over the squad (like syndicate) or you pause the action (like dragon-age).

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Satellite Reign by an Aussie dev in 2015 was an interesting attempt to reboot Syndicate, but I just couldn’t get good enough at it to enjoy it:


SR was one of those games where once the tutorial prompts ended, I was completely lost, lol. :rofl:

Even though I started this thread, every time someone uses the Warhammer license to create some bugtastic, disappointing, overhyped mess of a game, I’m reminded that in the end maybe it was best for Helldivers to just be one wonderful game that wasn’t then messed up with a watered down spin off by another developer; or that didn’t get a so-so sequel by a different developer (as with Magicka 2).


I quite enjoyed SR when I played it some years ago, though I quickly realized how strong the Infiltrator class was and I started cheesing the game for better equipment. I did suck at stealth in regards to hostile camps / bases, but I aced robbing banks for credits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw., the game was a spiritual succesor to Syndicate Wars and even alludes to that game. Satellite Reign was also developed by some of the folk responsible for SW.

As for Helldivers and sequels, I don’t want or even feel I need a sequel. I know people always come up with some cool new stuff that they want to see in a follow-up, but I feel I’d hate a sequel or follow-up; HD is lightning in a bottle IMO, it is perfect the way it is, especially with all its irks and quirks and bugs. Heck, I’m not even convinced that the next game by AH will even come close to Helldivers because, honestly, all their other games combined have not given me even a fraction of the enjoyment I get from HD.


Yeah I just remember grasping Syndicate Wars pretty well, and SR I just couldn’t figure out what to do once the tutorials ended. :slight_smile:

I still like to tell stories about needing an ENTIRE WEEKEND to download the Syndicate Wars demo via dialup modem back in the day (maybe 1994-1995). I wonder how many landline calls I missed. :smiley:

I would want a Helldivers sequel only if Arrowhead did it. I feel like if the game sales world didn’t rotate around 1st and 3rd person shooters, then Helldivers might’ve sold 10 million copies or whatever and gotten a proper sequel or Mega Major Expansion rubber stamped.

Otherwise, I respect that Sony lets AH do its once a year Liberty Day Gift-tinkering to the game and continue operating the campaign system.

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i don’t know because they all sound really good.

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But if you could play one of them right now, which would it be?

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I’ve come around to thinking some sort of space combat or air to air and/or air to ground combat game that tied into Helldivers global campaign in some way would’ve been fun. Like you wouldn’t have the ground players and aerial ones interacting with each other, but maybe you would see on the global map that the other type of Helldivers was advancing in a way that helped you; or were getting beaten on in a way that your doing certain missions could help them turn things around.

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Also came around to thinking maybe a Collectible Card version of Helldivers would be cool. It’s like something you might enjoy playing when taking a break from Helldivers itself. :slight_smile:

I’d dig seeing some card images of my favorite Helldivers units and enemies drawn by a pro comic artist.

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Wuh… Helldivers itself is a game for playing while taking break of something else. It’s not like full time job :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been thinking I would probably dig a squad-level Helldivers strategy game, but am torn whether I’d want it to sort of be XCOM (turn-based) because I’m not sure re-casting the typical Helldivers mission as a turn-based squad strategy game is a good idea or not. :slight_smile: If it wouldn’t have something to differ it from XCOM itself, wouldn’t be much point to it.

Or something that was more like a pausable (pause and give orders; that’s the only type of RTS I can enjoy really) real-time squad level RTS could be pretty fun and maybe more true to the “real” Helldivers game’s pacing.

I guess what could differ a Helldivers squad TBS is Helldivers at its most chaotic is a squad against massive, seemingly unbeatable odds. Firaxis’ XCOM take has some of that at times but more often it’s relatively even odds. Because if there’s like 50 enemy units on a turn-based grid against your four Helldivers, you’d have to wait like an hour for the enemy turn to finish :slight_smile: So imho a key would be having those stacked odds against your squad, as in the best chaos of Helldivers the twin-stick shooter, but in a turn-based game; and yet not one where you have to wait forever for 50 enemies to make their movements.

I voted for this as well. But for stylistic reasons mostly. If it was a first person shooter you would not be able to see the cape. So it’s gotta be a 3rd person shooter otherwise- no cape- then you’re doing it wrong.


I voted for rts game and seems like only one person voted. :cry:

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