[POLL] If Helldivers was spun-off into a different genre, which one sounds most appealing?


fwiw “turn-based squad/strategy/Helldivers XCOM” ran way with the poll, at least among our limited 16 voters. :slight_smile: (38 percent of the votes)

If I had any game dev talent, I would try to work up a Helldivers XCOM2 mod. :sunglasses:


I voted for a helldivers 3rd person game.
Disclaimer Helldivers works so well because its a two stick top down shooter, so any other style wouldnt be the same imo.

But yeah, a 3rd person game because I love the idea of seeing your character (good for the customization of helldivers) and there just arent many 3rd person games of this genre.


I think a multilpayer turn based strategy would be fantastic perhaps in the way the way that each person has a load out and works with the squad to complete the mission cus hell divers in my opinion is kinda a team game. I also like the idea of a 3rd person kinda horde based game cus as we all know as a helldiver you’re always outnumbered and your enemies are without number killing all the enemies around you is only a momentary breather


I guess my “third-person shooter” poll entry now sounds - sadly? :sob: - prophetic. :thinking:


@NeverShift_McDouche once mentioned having a design doc for Eagles of Democracy. Also said he has around 20 such design docs.

If their new 3rd Person Online Co-Op game is a Helldivers spin-off concept, it wouldn’t be the Helldivers we know, but it could still be something great for us to enjoy.


I picked FPS but whatever the genre I feel like Arrowhead would smash it out of the park. A lot of luck leaning kart racers out there would love to see more of a throwback to the old Mario Kart 64 which was more skill based imo except for those tracks where you could jump the walls: Wario Stadium, and Rainbow Road. I think why Mario Kart works so well is cause it doesnt take itslef too seriously though so idk maybe thats just a surface thing.

They asked around for people who looked like bums and I fit the bill :joy::rofl::disappointed: