[POLL] What's your favorite "base game" Helldivers weapon? (not DLC, stratagem or perk weapons)

  • AR-Liberator
  • AR-22C Patriot
  • AR-20L Justice
  • SG-225 Breaker
  • SG-8 Punisher
  • DBS-2 Double Freedom
  • SMG-45 Defender
  • MP-98 Knight SMG
  • RX-1 Rail Gun
  • M2016 Constitution
  • LAS-5 Scythe
  • LAS-13 Trident
  • AC-3 Arc Thrower

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P.S. Check the Gampedia Wiki’s weapon list link below if you need a refresher; note that asterisk denotes a DLC weapon, and cross a Perk weapon, which is why I don’t list them on this poll. I also didn’t list the base side-arm pistol.



My vote went to Double Freedom. If not for that, I would have voted for the RX-1 Rail Gun. Beyond those two, at least for me, it is much harder to pick one over the others.

PS - Ignoring the Constitution / Trident which are DLC, just free DLC =_=


fwiw, I included Constitution/Trident because they are part of the base game now, and nobody had to pay for them (i.e., they weren’t part of any DLC ‘pack’). imho, they’re just free updates to the game.


Same here, Double Freedom is very fun weapon and i love run, shot, run shot tactic.
It gives great mobility too, and deals with all kind of enemies pretty fast.
I love that it can’t kill cyborg patrols in time (almost always) and then fun begins.


I’ve just unlocked and upgraded the knight. It dwarves the other weapons I’ve used in versatility and power. Am an instant fan.

Second has to be the rail gun.


Patriot is my fallback weapon when I don’t know what to take, but favorite to use has to be Punisher against Illuminates. Rapid-fire one shotting spread out groups of infantry, threading shots around my fellow Helldivers, triangulating those beams to tag off screen snipers. And if I miss a shot or two trying to get an off screen guy, it doesn’t matter because it’s magazine fed and I don’t waste ammo reloading.

Also use it with the humble Laser Sight, as a FF-check, so I can take riskier shots with it.


I’ve never used the Double Freedom (though it looks like a popular choice), but I cannot deny my love of the Rail Gun. It gets my vote. :slight_smile:

As for the Constitution and Trident… they’re both “base game” for some people (if the definition used is: “Whatever the game came with when you bought it”) and DLC (even if it’s free). The way I see it, everything is fine with “base game”, but there’s a conflict in criteria when the “not DLC” part is added.

But anyway, I know what you mean.


Yeah, Double Freedom goes really well with Cardio for a very fun, mobile, hit 'n run playstyle. I like Double Freedom + Obliterator since Obliterator requires you to be at a very specific range so Cardio also works well with it to very quickly get to the spot you need to be to start raining grenades down.


Got to be the Double Freedom. It’s a sawed-off double barrel shotgun that sets enemies on fire! What’s not to like?

Honourable mention to the Rail Gun and the Arc Thrower as well.


Definitely Double Freedom. It’s amazing against Illuminate scumbags. Add ammo, an Obliterator, strat priority and two flame walls and you’re a real fireman 451 style. My runner up would be the Justice, never tackle a Cyborg planet without it!


Definitely the Double Freedom, though the Justice is a close second. Mind you, I don’t really use either of them anymore now that I’ve got my beloved Ninja and the Scorcher.


This is an interesting topic, especially in light of my personal experience with other players.
I will assume that those who post here are higher level, dedicated players. I do believe that skilled players often choose weapons that have a certain fun quotient, like the D.F., yet I don’t find this to be universal during play.
If anything, the Trident appears most often. Certainly, fellow players seem to enjoy shooting me with it.
Personally, I like almost everything about the Justice, especially the aesthetic beauty of a true assault rifle. I find it a worthy step beyond the Liberator, which itself is a very competent weapon.


Yeah, Justice/Trident/Breaker, only new Helldivers use them.
For us they are boring and too easy. Double Freedom is very fun but requires skill to use.