[POLL] When Will Arrowhead Officially Announce its Secret Next Project?

When will Arrrowhead Officially Announce its Secret Next Project?
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 22nd Century
  • When Pigs Fly

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This should be fun to look back on, whatever year they can finally be allowed to talk about the Secret Project, whether that’s a game or a Spreadsheet Plugin. :smiley:

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WARNING: Launching a pig with a catapult does not count for the last poll answer, nor will it cause the game to be announced any sooner. Please be kind to pigs. :grimacing:

I’ve voted…


Definitely 2021. Spring or Summer.

Teaser for Helldivers: The Chess Game on iOS/Android. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I really should’ve set it to Bar Chart, but I think once created, you can’t change the infografic format. :rofl: It’s annoying me that my terrible eyes can’t make out the color difference between “22nd Century” and “When Pigs Fly.” :sob:

It’s nice to see the Pie Chart slices change in size. I’m imagining it as a huge Pecan Pie. :heart_eyes:

Thanks! We’ll wonder forever what you guessed. :rofl:

I wonder what it could be… :thinking::joy::pig::money_with_wings:


“When pigs fly” is probably the only “safe” vote for an Arrowhead dev! :rofl:


Last couple of Arrowhead games were both released in 2015 (Helldivers and Gauntlet)

Since then, we know very little with one game having title of Testament and I personally think there is a 2nd game also being worked. Neither they are ready to show or talk about any more than the few morsels of information released.

Tight ship. We just have to keep being patient until they are ready.


So your guess is “When pigs fly?” :blush:

If you want to apply some metaphorical interpretation, sure.

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I realize they made the ‘teaser’ announcement early this month. Let’s say this poll is more about when they can announce the game by name and on what platform(s), etc. :slight_smile:

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Well, in the “announcement”, this part is kind of… scary:

This is Arrowhead Game Studios’ fifth game and the studio is looking to expand beyond the team of 65 developers that are currently working on the project.

“We are incredibly excited to create a new, next-gen, co-op experience for our fans and community. We are looking for talented developers to join us on this journey and are looking forward to sharing more details about the project at a later date.” said Johan Pilestedt, Game Director and CEO

It can possibly means that the game is still in an early alpha version. :sweat_smile: (or even pre-alpha version)

So, I revise my poll vote: maybe some news in 2021 fourth quarter. Official announcement in Spring 2022. Release in 2022 fourth quarter.


Yeah, and I’m probably reading too much into it, but it’s no longer posited as a game “by the combined Helldivers and Gauntlet development teams,” as they did when the Secret Project was first underway. But probably that’s because that’s a fraction of the Zerg Horde dev team that it has since transformed into. :slight_smile:

I think the main thing I am waiting on is not the usual flashy trailer but the actual game-play trailer. Mind you I would be happy with the former as I am sure it would have lots of that Arrowhead humour. Which begs the question is this gonna be a very serious game or more like say Helldivers/Deep Rock Galactic game. Mmm yes much speculation to be had here… I guess this is a strong clue: “This AAA game will share the satirical humor that fans of the studio’s previous games know and love.”

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