[POLL] When Will Arrowhead Officially Announce its Secret Next Project?

Thought i was done with the war... but it seems, the war isn't done with me.

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The Poll was already closed, but the Poll is Now Officially Closed. :smiley: As for the winners, only 5 people chose “2023” as their answer. I think the poll is anonymous, I’ll check if there’s any way for me to ferret out the “winners.” :slight_smile: As for me, I voted “When Pigs Fly,” and I’m canvassing the Internet to see if they’re flying this year… :pig: :pig_nose:

As for Helldivers 2, I’m disappointed but of course not surprised about the switch to 3rd person, which was spelled out in Job ads (citing "AAA-budget online co-op 3rd person shooter), the Game Informer interview and other snippets of info over the years.

My motion sickness issues with FPS and even most 3rd person shooters has worsened in recent years. I played more than 200 hours of Tom Clancy’s The Division (despite sporadic nausea) but refunded DIvision 2 after I couldn’t play it even 10 minutes without feeling sick for the rest of the day.

With FPSs, Killing Floor 2 is the only FPS I can play without motion sickness (don’t ask me why). One time I even had to refund a gifted FPS (one of the later Castle Wolfenstein games) on Steam due to nausea.

So the jury’s out on whether I’ll be able to play Helldivers 2 at all, but at least on PC/Steam I can try a couple hours, try not to hurl :face_vomiting: and then refund.

Lots of people on Steam forum are concerned that the trailer only shows a bug faction (not 3 alien factions), and no exosuits or vehicles whatsoever. The Steam store page also makes no mention of those features. So is it just a squad action game with stratagems? I hope not.

Anyway, I hope the official announcement means at some point the once so delightfully “chatty with the community” devs/dev reps can unzip their :zipper_mouth_face: metaphorical lips and actually talk to gamer journalists and ourselves about the game, maybe even do Reddit or here at forum community “Ask Me Anything” events as they used to, so, so many years ago. :slight_smile: I’m sure that’s up to Sony though.

Now the nearly 3 year old question is, what year did dev walstrom vote for? :smiley:

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