[POLL] Which is your favourite Enemy Master in Helldivers?

Let’s see which Enemy Master is the most popular. Cast your vote!

  • Hive Lord
  • Siege Mech
  • Great Eye

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Siege Mech… but I Hate usin 4 mines tactic on him. Thats just unenjoyable cancer.

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Even without x4 Airdropped Anti-Personnel Mines is boring and too easy for me.
Bug Master is a great challenge without lifts and Rumblers, x4 Tantos can be really fun against him.

But just my opinion.

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Good times. :slight_smile:


To me it’s a tough question, in that I don’t know if my answer is what was least frustrating to fight, or what was most exciting to fight etc.

I voted for the Borg Boss because I think I’ve most enjoyed the group battles. The Bug’s constant “Land Shark” underground movements and death poison sprays to me made him the toughest.

I found the illuminate boss’s waist high Death Ray Beam really tricky to time in terms of diving.

I think we all know which one I voted for :bug:

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Difficult to say… Siege Mech is very easily my most played one for sure. I enjoy all of them, but I think I’ll give my vote to the Cyborgs.

P.S. They’re all very fun to use the MLS-4X ‘Commando’ against.

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Hive Lord or Great Eye for me.
Even more so if your group decides it wants more of a challenge and decides to take on the Great Eye with just the standard Straffing Run.
Beers, Chaos, Banter and lots of Deaths . . . Ah, good times


I vote for Great Eye but when not using any Hellfire

Second choice would be the Hive Lord since it has the best add support once those Brood Commanders and Impalers start showing up and it really can’t be cheesed with some consistent strategy like the other two.

I like all three of the Enemy Masters if you don’t use the easy cheese tactics on them, but I think the Cyborg EM is the most fun to fight because of his ability to spawn Grotesques and drop SAM batteries.

It feels like the most diverse and unique fight, where you have to overcome a lot of different things in order to win, which I suppose you could also say about the Great Eye given his multiple different attacks.