Porting Helldivers to the Nintendo Switch

If it’s a possible option, has the team considered this? As one of many who have the Switch, not only would I love to have Helldivers in my bag, ready to go, but it could also breath new life into the game (if we can do cross platform between the switch an PC, which is far easier said than done, I’m sure) as well as additional revenue.

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Well just off the top, considering Sony owns Helldivers, and considering Sony also owns PlayStation (Nintendo Switch competition), I highly doubt that’s ever going to happen—not that it’s necessarily a bad idea or that it wouldn’t be welcomed by the fans.

Right – Arrowhead doesn’t own the “intellectual property.” Sony can do what they want with it, but porting it to non-Sony platforms is presumably a non-starter.

One would think that the fading-fast PlayStation Vita, along with Switch, would be candy land for twin-stick shooters, but for some reason neither platform ever has gotten much in that genre afik. While Killzone: Liberation isn’t quite a twin-stick, I’d have loved to have seen a revamp of that on Vita – you can play the PSP version on Vita but it ignores the 2nd thumbstick – or even a revamp on Switch (but think the IP for Killzone is also Sony-owned).

I don’t have a Switch, but if I did, I’d push more for games unique to Switch, or at least developed with Switch in mind first. Bad North (also by a Swedish dev), which I love on PC, falls into the latter category at least.

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If you want Helldivers portable, great news!
It’s out there for PS Vita.

Just kidding, I know you want it for Switch -
But it’s actually more likely than you’d think.

Technologically, it’s not currently known if it’s possible, it depends on whether the Bitsquid/Stingray/3DS MAX Interactive engine can deploy to the Switch.
What we do know is that Autodesk (the current owner of the engine) is a Switch Partner, so I wouldn’t exclude the possibility…

But that would still leave Arrowhead in a difficult position.
Porting to a new system always holds nasty surprises, and it usually becomes a massive time sink.
The more free time the Helldivers team has, the quicker this would get done, so if the engine does ever support Switch, I hope they have some :)

Combined with the obvious barrier that Sony would need to approve a release for Switch, it doesn’t look like Helldivers for Switch will be coming soon…

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I buyed it for PS Vita and It was great, but when I bought my PS4 the controls were way better. I think It can be good on switch, but I don’t think Sony will allow it.

The main problem for me on the Vita version was the ‘back touchpad swiping’ for hand grenades was virtually impossible to do.

Also it didn’t have a particulary good interactivity with PlayStation Network and I seem to remember having trouble adding anyone from a Helldivers game to friends list when I played on Vita (2015).

I had to play via WiFi connection at home, and while it was doable, it was really not very reliable.

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Please, please Arrowhead and Sony, please make it happen. Helldivers was one of the most incredible multiplayer experiences i had ever. Helldivers on Nintendo Switch would be amazing ! Playing it on the go, maybe a local co-op option too ?

I know its portable on Vita … but … Jeez … Playing it on Vita after experiencing it on PS4/PC its horrible (that finger sweeping on the Vita … omg)

Would buy again for sure on Switch.

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Sony and Nintendo do not swap game IPs, sorry to say. We might as well ask Nintendo to port Zelda and Super Mario to PlayStation 4. It’s not happening.

I’m not saying porting it to Switch would be a bad idea. It would be freaking wonderful imho. :smiley: That’s just not how corporations work.

If you want to play HD on a handheld, get a Vita before it becomes an overpriced collector’s item. :slight_smile: Just don’t plan on throwing grenades accurately with back-touchpad swipes. Don’t even get me started on that. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: