Possible future update or new title idea

The game is really well made and fun. The only thing is I’ve never really been into twin stick shooters, so my playtime(s) with Helldivers is fairly short.

That being said, I would like to see a Third Person or First Person view, leaning more towards Third Person as there aren’t many of those in the market. This could be done in a future update or just an idea for a future project. None the less, thank you for a fantastic game.

Thank you.

Helldivers already is in third-person, and I am of the opinion that first-person wouldn’t even be the same type of game (or even a twin-stick shooter). It sounds like we’re talking about a completely different experience just with the name “Helldivers” on it.

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It’s over the top, but with a new camera change, you will certainly have a new experience, that’s the only thing changing, really. Everything else is still Helldivers.

Yeah, that’s third-person. First-person would be from your character’s viewpoint, second-person would be from the enemy’s (in this case), and third-person is a viewpoint which is neither of those—as if there was an a third person with a particular viewpoint. Helldivers is in third-person. I’m not saying this to be a pain, but when you suggest that Helldivers have a third-person view and it already has that, it’s not entirely clear what you mean. I guess you just mean everyone has their own camera and it be behind them?

Yeah, and that’s where I’m very skeptical. No intended offense to you, but I personally wouldn’t want Arrowhead taking Helldivers in that direction. The camera is a big part of what makes Helldivers what it is. The fact you have to share the screen is what I, and I imagine many others, really like about the game.

We can’t just gloss over the removal of a major staple like that and act like everything would still be the same afterwards. To me, that’s like telling Overwatch fans, “We’re taking away the team aspect, but everything else is still the same.”

I am curious though, what is your attraction to Helldivers? I’m not being mean or anything, but if you don’t like twin-stick shooters, and you’re not a fan of the camera, what draws you to this game as opposed to any first/third-person team-based shooter that’s already out there?

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Come on dude he clearly means an over the shoulder view, there’s no need for an entire paragraph of mockery

I think if you play Helldivers more you’ll see exactly what that means for the game.

  • Visibility — choosing a lower angle for the camera will make enemies hard to see if they are behind bigger units, and I imagine looking for objectives will change drastically. And Cape Spins will die out.
  • Models — Helldivers 3D models are fairly low poly, showing them bigger on the screen would necessitate making them more detailed, that’s hours upon hours of art work recreating the textures and models at higher levels of detail, which would also make the game files balloon in size
  • Scouts — they can appear from any angle and you have around 2 seconds to shoot them before they trigger an alert, even if they are 180° behind you. Swivelling the camera every few seconds (bugs) will get annoying real fast.
  • Shooting — Generally, all hitboxes are guaranteed to exist at a fixed level above the ground. So either shooting up/down is disabled DOOM style, or you have a frustrating time missing shots against swarms of enemies.
  • Movement — controls will need drastic changes across the board
  • Team Cohesion — I don’t know a different logical reason to constrict 4 players into a small area other than “they share the screen” so the feeling of teamwork from being tied together will be lost

So as you can see, Helldivers will be quite a different game, I’d rather play the current version to be honest.
You should try out Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, it sounds like the kind of game you’re looking for :smiley:


First of all, don’t “come on dude” me; no, it wasn’t clear. I even said that. And secondly, I wasn’t mocking him (I even made that clear), so please get off my case if that’s all you’re going to say to me.

Really sorry dude, I genuinely assumed you knew he meant over the shoulder to begin with, my bad.

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Lets see, what I really like about Helldivers is the whole Starship Trooper vibe, the coop, the airdrops, objectives, challenges, upgrades, I guess I can say I literally like everything about it but the camera/twin stick shooter mechanics.

And yes, I meant a more over the shoulder, or more like a classical TPS camera like SOCOM, view. I understand that this was the way the game was intended, but it’s an idea they can play with or consider for a future project similar and bigger in scope.

And what I meant was to keep everything that makes Helldivers and have a different camera.

I wish I could like twin stick shooters as others do, and I did get the game because it looked really well made and fun, it is. But I just can’t get used to or be engaged long enough with over the top/twin stick mechanics.

In the traditional TPV, you can still see your character model and cape. The capes are what makes the Helldivers, Helldivers but the thought of operating in an environment similar to Red Faction Guerilla, SOCOM, GRAW2, etc. gets me going. Lol

It’s not going to happen anyways. Hold your horses. And future title is going to be not Helldivers 2 too.

So maybe in next next AH’s title.

I never said it was. It’s literally just an idea.

I only make you aware since in your title is “Possible future update”

Yeah, it’s just a possibility/idea. I know it’s very unlikely to happen. I figured I’d just put my 2 cents worth in.

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Have you played Star Wars Republic Commando that games is kinda like what youre getting at and a damn good game if you ask me. :smiley: