Proving Grounds compared to Sackboy Knit-Speedrun Challenges

This morning I read about Sackboy Knit-Speedrun Challenges and I can’t help but think Proving Grounds would have been so much better if they had followed similar incentive structure.

Specifically, prize tiers are split into five categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

  • Bronze: collectibles for everyone who takes part.
  • Silver: a costume piece for the top 50% of entrants.
  • Gold: a costume piece for the top 30%.
  • Platinum: a costume piece for the top 15%.
  • Diamond: a costume piece for the elite 5%.

IMHO, something like this would have been better for Proving Grounds. Yes, it would have meant more “cosmetic” options created so more work for Arrowhead, but also more people playing and enjoying Helldivers Proviing Grounds while earning those creations.

PS - Can Arrowhead work with Sumo Digital / XDev to get some Helldivers costumes added to Sackboy - A Big Adventure?


I love how you’ve laid out the rewards here, with percentages instead of hard numbers.

I always thought having fixed clear times for the tiers to beat, like a classic arcade game, would have been a cool idea.
So instead of top 5%, it would be “Complete in under 1:55”, and the rest of the tiers would follow as 2:30, 3:45, etc
Then everyone in the Diamond category could collectively boast about completing it, and the rewards are handed out evenly. That does take away some of the “wow factor” of having the cosmetic, though, (since a lot more people would have it) and would make more sense if there were new cosmetics every week, or if the award was a currency to spend in a cosmetics shop.

To me it becomes less elitist and more about having good skill and teamwork, and would bring the community together more, rather than people accusing others of cheating them out of their wins like we had in the first few challenges.

To set the times it would probably be enough to run the missions 5 times with progressively less powerful gear - but this could take 2 hours away from doing work per challenge, so I can see why it’s not ideal.

Maybe it would be easier if there was Helldiver player AI that would complete the mission automatically and produce these magic numbers, then you could just play the mission once on a tryhard level to verify that the top time is attainable :eyes:

Or you could just come up with a formula to describe the bare minimum time for mission completion, and give a generous 30 seconds on top.

Clear times to beat would have allowed 100% of interested player base to achieve the target one way or another. I think Arrowhead wanted to experiment with “top of leaderboard” type of award system which alleviates the heavy testing burden that clear targets would have required.

Hopefully they took some good lessons from the player engagement they got from their experiment.

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I think it’s more of a lack of resources and time to actually plan and invest in a new (and risky) game mode that in the end, could not interest the community at all.

Yes, it’s my main grief about PG. Unlike the regular missions on which you can help everybody (for example, help newcomers to beat lvl.12 to 15 planets), there is no real reason to play PG, other than win the capes for oneself (we won all of them with my team -it was fun but very hard though-, and now, we never play PG anymore).

It would have been not very hard to implement. Percentages of the leading top time give different rewards.

I submitted a suggestion about the percentage idea almost two years ago (already 2 years, time flies…)


WOW, time really does fly…
This must be where I got the idea from! Credit where credit is due ;)

As you’d expect, the original idea is better, using already existing times as the thresholds!

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My biggest gripe with PG’s is that it doesn’t feel like helldivers at all, you need to go against most of the instincts that are formed in the core game, eg get everyone on the ship or go back to pickup a down team mate. It’s a speed run and with how competitive the times are it changes the play. In my opinion it would have been better had it instead been a modifier applied to regular missions for veterans to enjoy as a challenge with no leaderboards and no rewards.

Winners of Illuminate capes from the first PG did not earn their time legitimately AH reset the other race leaderboards but not the Illuminate one for some reason.

@Dyzzy I think it is clear that was an experiment from Arrowhead. It was actually an outsourced effort that they spent on to provide something new for Liberty Day while their core team remains still very much focused on their secret project(s) that we know very little about. Stuff they have been working on for 5+ years now. I can only hope it will be worth the wait in the end.

Hi Cusman I was aware Guru Games worked on this content and that it was outsourced so that Testament (and I believe another title) could remain the focus of AH.

It’s cool to try new things but it remains a wasted opportunity (IMO) to give players more content. Worse still as @Tann stated players won’t play it after they succeed in getting their capes so it ends up having little value to the game while also breaking up friendships and the player base :neutral_face:

Edit: Thought I would look into Guiding Rules game AKA Guru games and they have been purchased by the Thunderful Group

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Will be interesting to see what Guru Games working under Thunderful Group come up with next.