Proving Grounds - Missing Capes WAR 100 [CASE RESOLVED]

After 2 years of not touching PG, we finally gave it another try just to find out the leaderboards are bugged and display every member of the team as a different group.

Screenshots are taken 10 minutes before war 100 ended

Also, players with the “Ghost” nickname are clear cheaters so that’s extra frustrating since we spent weeks placing the top. I will write down the fixed PG leaderboards or rather how it would display players if it worked as intended.

Illuminate 1st: Ghost 1:53 - Cheater
Illuminate 2nd: Ghost (Vysence) and YOPG 2:02 - Legit Score (We were first to score 2:02)
Illuminate 3rd: ???Reasonable 2:02 - Legit Score

Bug 1st: Ghost 1:47 - Cheater
Bug 2nd timeless, ???XR, and Lnverse Loli 2:41 - Legit Score
Bug 3rd Frost, YOPG, and Ghost (Vysence) 2:47 - Legit Score

Cyborg 1st: Ghost 1:10 - Cheater
Cyborg 2nd Ghost 1:19 - Cheater
Cyborg 3rd: YOPG, Ghost (Vysence), and Captain Midnight 1:57 - Legit Score (We were first to score 1:57)
Cyborg 4th: Lnverse Loli, and 400h??? 1:57 - Legit Score

We are very frustrated that we didn’t receive capes. After all, we were 1st-2nd in ALL PGs (excluding cheaters). 50 hours spent in PGs is a lot of time we could just spend somewhere else.

Thank you for reading.
Additional tag: @wahlstrom

Aditionally, Captain Midnight & is count as two people for no reason. I assume that’s because of the empty space in their nickname. He is shown as “Captain, Midnight” in the leaderboards, basically same thing apply to the Lnverse Loli displayed as “Lnverse, Loli”.

Dear AH,

I see YOP’s case has been resolved, yet I don’t see any wardrobe changes in my ship.

Could anyone clarify the proper procedure for me and the other contestants so we may claim our rewards as well?

Best regards,
Vysence /Ghost (the legit one)

This is a great question, I’m still waiting to hear back since the start of October how fellow PG winners would get their capes.

For me AH sent “dlc keys” to unlock the capes in the months since then they may have found a better way.

The better question is how do you get Tier III cape since only 1st place gets the reward but it’s always occupied by at least one cheater with an unbeatable score. :slight_smile:

Thanks for opening this topic. I was directed here by a friend recently, I lost a tier 3 cape to cheaters a while back (1 or 2 wars ago). Since a lack of a better place to put these screenshots afaik, I’ll just drop them here as well.

Screenshots are taken in September/October.

Here’s also a record of the run to boost.
First place with 3ish minutes ain’t even trying to hide it ._.

What concerns me the most is that only 3 people are going to claim the reward in the 4 players team. Because PG at the moment displays everyone as an entirely different group. Basically, if your team placed 1st only 3 people will earn the cape, 4th player is going to be displayed as a 4th group therefore 4th place.

And this gets even worse for Tier III capes since only 1 player from 4 players team gets the reward and the others place (randomly) 2nd, 3rd, and 4h place.

If you consider the unavoidable group of lone-wolf cheaters then it might be even zero to two legit players enjoying the well-earned shiny capes per PG challenge.

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I have the honor to form a team with you before. I admire your game skills. :smile:

It’s very interesting for different teams to compete for the first place in the test field, but it’s a pity that they encounter cheaters.



Our team has been playing the proving ground since a few months ago

There is a question can we get cape for side-by-side score?
If so, how do we get the cape?

We’re having some network problems, we’re actually four people in cyborg pg

Cyborg 4th:Lnverse Loli,400小时???,???XR,???maple 1:57

I have been told it’s only the first 3 groups in the 5 & 9 difficulty PG.

For clarity capes are won only by the first place time be it a team or an individual. Nothing is rewarded for 2nd or 3rd place times.

That’s not accurate. Tier III is rewarded to 1st place while Tier II & I are both rewarded to top 3 groups/individuals.

With great risk comes great reward! Helldivers who climb to the top of a Proving Ground’s leaderboard at the end of the Galactic Campaign will be awarded a cape by Super Earth Command.

From my experience and that of my friends we concluded only top times win anything. I won’t claim authority on the subject as things could have changed.

I second Dyzzy on this. For our experience on PG, 2nd and 3rd place on any PG difficulty give nothing.

Even the 1st place gives nothing sometimes. hihi

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I will clear it up since people might be confused reading the comments under this post.

To earn Tier III cape player or group need to be 1st.
To earn Tier II and Tier I capes players or groups need to be in the top 3.

By whom? This is somewhat important given you are accepting this source as accurate and assuring other to believe you it too.

I’m basing my statement on experience with PG since it public release which is why there is no clarity here lol

By one of Guru Games developers who have been working on this expansion.

If that’s the case then that conclusively clears that up!

Quick update: Capes (Proven Illuminate Expert I and Proven Cyborg Expert II) have been delivered to our team. Thank you Arrowhead! :slight_smile:

Quick update 2: @Dyzzy was right, apparently there was a small misunderstanding between us. Sorry for the false information…

Only 1st place receives the reward regardless of the difficulty.