Proving Grounds - Missing Results

I’ve been trying illumin PG for a few days.
I got 2.07 three times, 2.08 twice, so I should be at the 1st/2nd place right now.(the 1st place is 2.07, 2nd and 3rd are both 2.08)
However, my scores were not updated on the board. No matter how many times I relog in or restart, so I guess it might be network issue or some unknown bug.

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After realized this problem, I got one of my 2.07 trial recorded. (Thx for YOPG’s advice!)
If it turns out 2.07 is the fastest record, then I’m wondering if this vedio could be the proof to claim the cape.

Also I’d like to know if there’s anything can be done to make my score updated.
This would save a lot of further troubles.
Here’s the board after my latest trial.

This the screen shot when extraction.

Case solved after reinstalling the game :wink:

Just smth wrong with my saves, problem solved after redownload the net saves XD