Ps4 servers down

I posted in the support forum 8 hours ago with no responce. Unable to connect to server can only start offline. After starting offline game will crash corrupting the save file. It is not my internet. Other people in community are experiencing the same issue.

Been having the same problem for 2 days now, tried re-installing…



Same issue here. Just trying to get back into the game and it fails after it tries to boot up the ship. Problem started yesterday and still occurs today. I tried reinstalling twice with still no success

same here reinstal it dosntwork

Having the same problem here as well. Game crashes/corrupts my save over and over again. Tried reinstalling, clearing the console’s cache, downloading my save from the cloud, rebuilding the database. No dice unfortunately. Hope this gets fixed soon, a lot of democracy going unspreaded-ed.

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I heard Helldivers is not the only game having this issue on PSN right now.

Yes, the game has been down for 2 days same as first message here for me also… did all the recommendations to fix the issue … still not working… arrowhead posted this 2 hours ago saying nothing is wrong… well arrowhead if so many have same issue it isnt us it has to be on your end.

Meet the same problem, too. And the game will even crash immediately when I start it offline

I submitted a support ticket here Submit a request – Arrowhead Game Studios

If a few more people do the same we may get a fix.


I can’t think of any good reason why HELLDIVERS wouldn’t work with no update (the PC version is working properly). Can you check the connection in other games?

Maybe PSN is making some adjustments for PS5 and that’s why multiplayer in most games is temporarily disabled.

Hi, same issues here too. Servers have been having more issues over time, but it’s pretty much dead now. Can’t even play offline. Too bad Arrowhead is not taking care of it, the number of players will just keep decreasing.

…And we might have some PC players reporting issues too…_

Seems a problem on Sony servers.

I have been trying everything by now… initializing, reinstalling, deleting save files, and even switched to a hotspot because someone recommended it…

I can’t try arrowheads suggestion because when I press play, the game tells me I can’t connect to the servers, I press ok and the game crashes (every time), right when the icon for (sync data) comes up. All other games work just fine.

Many people seem to be having this issue yet arrowhead does not seem to even realize that this issue is going on!!

I’ve reported this multiple times. Emailed Arrowhead. Last time the error code was consistent theh said it wasmt their problem. Sony claimed it wasnt theirs. We are having the exact same problem as everyone else. No online play, try local and error code CE 34878. This is ridiculous this game has so many problems. We really like it but cant play!

There is another thread explaining sony servers are down and that is the issue should restore gameplay when sony completes the fixes needed…

up fix it pls

only wait

They got them back online people enjoy the games again…:sunglasses:

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I still can’t login in and the game also keep crashing…