PSN/Steam account link option missing?

I can’t find the option to link my PSN and Steam accounts. As mentioned on this page: there’s supposed to be either a pop up when the game launches or something in the options menu of the PC version that allows linking to my PSN account, but I don’t see either.

Quote: For certain PlayStation games on PC, you can sign in to PSN to track your progress and access bonus content.
So my guess is it is limited in it’s implementation (for now?) and is most likely focused on its newly focused push into porting it’s exclusives over to PC.
Helldivers was an exception at the time - A version for Microsoft Windows was also released via Steam on December 7, 2015, making it the first game Sony released on PC. so is probably a bit of an outlier in the playstation to pc bundle

Right, and it lists 6 games specifically as being supported in the link under the first bullet point on the Sony article I linked. Helldivers, Spiderman, God of War, Predator, Horizon and Days Gone.

I think the listed games are all the “PlayStation games on PC”, but not necessarily the PSN-supported games, as craig pointed out.

It literally says those games are eligible. If that’s not the case then I’m refunding it as that’s the only reason I bought it on PC and I don’t need a second copy.

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It seems to be a mistake on There is and never was a way to link or transfer your Helldivers stats/progress from PSN to PC or vice versa.

For all intents and purposes, these versions are completely separate.

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After a pretty lengthy chat with a PlayStation/Sony rep and also their supposed supervisor, they literally blamed this on Steam and said that I need to contact Steam to fix it. LOL! Despite explaining a million different times and ways that Steam are not the game devs and that Steam is also not responsible for PlayStation logins/linking. I even asked for it to be escalated to the proper teams. Got an email response again telling me it’s something Steam has to fix on their end. Like. Seriously? What’s even worse is that the game is STILL listed as a compatible title. They obviously don’t listen to the little guy. Can’t Arrowhead contact the right people at PlayStation to get the game removed from the linking compatibility list? It’s a flat out lie.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first time the rep has heard about this!
Certainly it would be simpler for Sony to remove Helldivers from that page than to implement the integration.

I emailed Arrowhead 10 days ago and did not receive a response past the auto-reply. It WOULD be much easier for Sony to remove the game from the eligible titles, but it seems neither Sony or Arrowhead care in the slightest that people have been ripped off after purchasing the game based on false information. I just sent a second email to Arrowhead about it. Time will tell but I’m not holding my breath. If Arrowhead are even in the slightest bit concerned, they will reach out to the proper team at Sony and get it taken care of. One thing we know, is that Sony is full of it claiming that it’s a Steam issue and that Steam needs to deal with it. It’s 100% an Arrowhead and Sony issue.

Well, it seems like you didn’t have any issues with getting a refund, right?

I did not ever state that I received a refund. And even if I did, that solves absolutely nothing. Because people get a refund does not make it okay. How many more people will buy the game thinking it can be used to link accounts?

Arrowhead finally replied and said the game does not have that feature, and that they would reach out to Sony to try getting the page updated. If they do, then it all falls on Sony to to change the wording of their page to exclude Helldivers from the eligible titles.

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Ah, sorry, I confused you with the OP!

No problem. :slight_smile: Anyway, Arrowhead has in fact reached out to Sony and wording on their pages will be changed accordingly. Thanks Arrowhead, for reaching out to them. Sony wasn’t listening to the little guy.

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