Psvr2 maybe?

Listen… hear me out… Magicka but in Psvr2? Casting spells with the new orb controllers and force feedback triggers! OooOoo *chefs kiss

Helldivers Remastered but fully in first person psvr2? Maybe… ehhh… ehh? Imagine the drop in! Seeing the scale of your armaments falling, snagging your gear and mowing down baddies. Pleassssse

Okay a pipe dream i know. But im got a psvr2 preordered and get it in a couple days and got me thinking about what my dream title would be. Please! It would be awesome!

No matter what, wish you all there the best at whatever upcoming project you got!

*Salute Liber-:coffee:


Arrowhead games in VR would be AMAZING!

It’s a shame all the art assets are optimised for a top-down view…
Maybe something like a VR boss battle, where you tower over people as a VR giant?

One of my speculations of why Arrowhead has been so quiet on new project all these years (2015 is when they released both Helldivers and Gauntlet) is that they are working on something for PS5 + PSVR2 and it clearly isn’t going to be a launch title.

Over the last several years, I think they are working on at least 2 separate projects, or they had at some point and decided to give up on one idea and move on to another taking what worked and ditching the rest.

One of their projects is expected to be Helldivers 2 because of that NVidia leak and then that 12-second trailer that got posted on various sites and then got taken down.

The other may well be a PSVR2 title.

Remember that Helldivers happened because it was a cross-play game between PS3, PS4 and PS-Vita, so Arrowhead is no stranger to doing something unprecedented. Helldivers was also among the first Sony games to get published on PC.

I wait patiently to learn about whatever their next game / platform will be and I’ll be there to play it day 1.

PS - I am also getting PSVR2 at launch. There are a few multiplayer games at launch, so maybe we will find each other online and play some together.

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