Question about Liberty Day

This might just be the most sacrilegious question ever…but…what is the significance of Liberty day (26th October)

I mean, why the 26th October? Im curious. XD
Something special to the devs? Random generator? Conspiracies!?

My two favourite theories:

1959-10-26 is the release date for the novel Starship Troopers (source: Arrowhead blog, see Challenge #3)

2001-10-26 brought the Patriot Act into law in the US (source: Reddit)


I’ll belive that, until the devs spill the beans which they wont xD

@9.0 Very interesting, thanks!

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I think we answered this once…somewhere…but we actually like your theories a lot more :X


The real answer to this question is out there, straight from the CEOs mouth. I actually thought the real answer was a well know thing. But now that I see that there is room for mystery, all the better!

I will say that 9.0s answers are not the core reason. :wink:

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If memory serves, Liberty Day is celebrated on the lead Dev for Helldivers birthday.

Although I too think 9.0’s answers are great alternative facts!


Because Hillary Clinton’s birthday…

Necroing this thread to mention that…

Netflix finally added Starship Troopers recently. :sunglasses:

All I know is anytime I see 26th, I count how many months are left until October

The answer today is 4

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