[question] Lessons learned from developing Gauntlet?



I censored this for everyone’s protection :zipper_mouth_face::grinning:

Also, don’t forget that all the characters in their base form are egostistic aXXholes,

And all this time I thought we were heroes! :flushed: I guess like all stories, it’s all about perspective. :smirk:

I’m pleasantly surprised to have gotten addicted to Gauntlet now (as Valkyrie in particular on my revisit), in a way I never was 3 years ago. I can’t recall other instances of that in my decades PC gaming. :grinning:

It sounds baffling, but I think it’s all because I asked for the wrong game as my forum intro free game keys reward (The Showdown Effect). :thinking: I think Cusman clued me in that’s an online-only pvp game; and I thought “What am I thinking? I don’t wanna play that kind of game, I wanna play something like… well… Gauntlet!” :smile:

Thanks for the Gauntlet insights!


Yeah this is fantastic, thank you :smiley: