Really Love Giving Recruits Some Toys to Mess Around With

It’s a nice experience to just drop in and let them take charge. Chat up a little, show them what the game can do, and even let them use DLC stuff. I’m just happy to let them try and just have fun.

To that diver who I drove a tank with, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Cheers

I’d also love to hear everyone else’s wholesome diving stories if that’s alright.


I let my 1 friend who’s newer to the game drive the motorcycle he got it stuck in a wall within 5 seconds


Sounds fun. Lol
I also let a friend drive an HAV. We fell off a cliff but ended up laughing it off.

This is the main reason I keep coming back. I loadup with a REP-80, a static field and then some toys or a shield and a probe, then I hang back and go sample farming with low levels on multi.

I need to track down ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Helldiving’ or write it so that people can learn to play nice e.g. no gravelooting, watch your shotgun, don’t click Ready if everyone isn’t on it, etc etc.

Oh and sometimes just join with 4x MGX-42 for giggles

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I drop a C4 pack on the floor, the new players keep tossing them around not sure what to do with it, so I had the great idea of saying “press reload to detonate” while I was on top of one of them.

Needless to say that was some intense fireworks and 2 Helldivers went to heaven that day.