Red Capes?

Are these the red capes you see on characters from time to time? Partly covers the chest? Always wondered where people got them.

That’s the Volcanic set and Cyborg Peacekeeper cape. The Community cape is a lil different, it’s like the “wings” on either side of the HELLDIVERS skull logo but with gold trim. Reserved for the cream of the crop and outstanding players.

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The red cape that covers the chest I think is the Volcanic cape if that is what you mean … 375px-Volcanic_Armour_-_back

Community cape

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Exactly what @SaltyCupcake said, Volcanic armor and cape are unlocked at rank 27 and Peacekeeper cape it’s unlocked when you finish all 3 missions on cyborg planet, must be helldive difficulty.

That’s how Community Cape looks like:

Oh, I’m r 26 - not long to go then. Have had peacekeeper cape since before the kids were born (couple years). Yeah, I play when I can.

Will keep my eyes out for the other two, now I know the look. Thanks!

Thanks Lemi, you were right - it’s the Volcanic torso that does it. Looks pretty rugged with the Cyborg peacekeeper’s shot up red Cape.

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