Reset leaderboard (delete under 1min 58 )

The next war will be clean.

Thank you for waiting.

How about a nice cup of LIBER-TEA?image

By “not changed” and highlighting 2’22 on Illuminates, and 2’52 and 3’01 on Bugs, do you mean these times are not legit? (at 1’42 in the video)

But yeah, it would have been better if Arrowhead have erased all the times to restart on totally clean leaderboards.

Because these 2’22 on Illuminates, 2.52 and 3’01 on Bugs have been made before the 7.01 update, I thought it would have been erased too…

Maybe they have a way to check if a time is legit or not (including it hasn’t been made on a different PG mission map…:shushing_face: )

The 2’22 time is a glitched score. We asked FiggaTrigga if there was an exploit we weren’t aware of, but no such thing. He answered they simply used the glitch prior to the 7.01 patch.

On the other hand, it was obvious this time was weird by itself… A team of two doing 2’22 for a Total Mission Time of… 4 minutes. :thinking:

Teams behind (4 players and 3 players) have respectively times of 2’37 and 2’39, for at least one hour of Total Mission Time (and even 4 hours for the 2nd rank team).

Actually, the only leaderboard which makes sense is the Cyborgs one: each team with only a few seconds between ranks (2’40, 2’41, 2’43, 2’45, 2’47, etc.)

For the Bugs leaderboard (2’52, 3’01, 3’33), 40 seconds between the 1st/2nd and 3rd time looks suspicious (except if there is an unknown exploit).

I mean how the hell a team could be faster by 40 seconds than ALL the other teams, on a mission which takes around 3 minutes to be completed… It does not make sense (just count 40 seconds in your head, and you’ll understand what I mean).

Arrowhead should have definitely reset all times in all leaderboards.

Well, as the OP video says, let’s wait the next war to finally have totally clean PGs ! :innocent: