Revamping the ¨Squish¨ mechanic

we all know how annoying it is to jump out of a moving vehicle and get squished, or get squished by an ignorant (or malicous) helldiver, and thats absolutely fine, fun even! but what isnt fun is for example, exploding instantly when jumping out the side of a tank, or dying when hopping off a motorcycle at 2 mph, thats not fun, thats annoying, what i suggest is a new ¨tuck-and-roll¨ system that instead of outright killing the helldiver, thrusts them into an uncontrollable ¨tuck-and-roll¨ state which is similar to downing or proning but with the added condition of rapid uncontrollable movement similar to the roll people experience when jumping out of a moving vehicle. obviously this would be a very minor aspect of the game but it would add so much to the cinematic feel of the game. tuck-and-rolling would be based on the momentum of the vehicle and would give helldivers trapped in a moving vehicle a chance to escape should the driver say, drive the vehicle off the cliff? you could even implement a tactical roll mechanic where going prone at the right moment of jumping out of a vehicle negates the effects and gives you some distance between the vehicle. i think it would be neat but honestly the root of this suggestion comes from annoyance, i completely accept and love the idea of getting/running over people when exiting from the front of the vehicle, but i hate that these fully armored war veterans can die when exiting a motorcycle at 2mph, even if they just make it similar to how you get out the back of a moving vehicle that would still be incredible


Ah ah, so true. :rofl:

Another funny thing, when facing Illuminates: a stationary vehicle (with someone inside, shooting) is pushed by an Obelisk wall: the vehicle slides from a few inches, killing any unfortunate helldiver outside of the vehicle who was close enough, thinking it would be a safe place. :upside_down_face:

I felt safe I felt secure then I felt the reinforce body of an APC :dizzy_face:

I think the mechanic is in line with the rest of the game, if it would kill you in real life then it will in the game. HD has fantastic depth of game mechanics and interaction. An example I have had a team wipe due to a collision between a single rumbler mortar shot and an ejected shell casing of the double freedom (they fly out to the left of the user if I recall) I had to review the footage to understand what happened but it’s this depth that makes the game more rewarding IMO.

So if you jump out of a moving vehicle and it hits you, you die. You can jump out safely as long as you don’t get run over. The bike is a ******* death trap if you are not stationary just like in real life? :wink: