Sandbags that can be used new map tipe and a wepeon idea

Really i would like the sandbags to acually make cover for you or maybe a deployeble one or just add a building tool to build sandbags turrets that are slitly weaker and a metal wall here the levels lvl 1 sandbags lvl 2 turrets lvl 3 metal walls and buffed turrets the new map tipe is defence you have to defend with AI controled Helldivers there are sandbags climbelbe towers were you can shoot from also snipers witch at lvl 1 are just snipers with no penetration lvl 2 penetration and (unlockes a second lain of reserch there are 2 lvls for that witch are lvl 1 acurrecy buff and second makes it silenced witch will not alert the nearby enemys) and lvl 3 makes it have AP rounds

Barbed wire + turret + hit the dirt = Close enough.

Deployable cover doesnt really fit the meta of the game…would be far to good at blocking line of sight and blocking/funnelling enemies down a path.

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While your suggestion is very original and interesting, sadly it will not fit in this game. As stated by @Universae. Also this suggestion seems to be very powerful.

Thank you for sharing your unique suggestion with us!

What about the sandbags that are already in the game?
Some maps have a short semi-circular emplacement on the detect/defuse explosives objective. This does provide a measure of protection from some enemy attacks. It’s also a regular location for a hidden bomb… One might conclude the devs have a wry sense of humor.