Save data corrupted, deleted

My game bluescreened while loading into a planet with a team, and upon logging back in I got the message that my save file was corrupted and it asked if I wanted to retry loading the game up. I did so repeatedly, but I kept receiving the same message over and over.

Finally, I had no choice but to select the “no” option, and although the message said that the corrupted file only contained “what planets were available” and some other non-character related information, my level 50 character was deleted and the the game loaded me straight into the training tutorial.

So. Am I just screwed? I don’t play the game anywhere near as often as I used to, but if I can’t get my character back, well… it’s unlikely I’ll ever feel the urge to regrind through 50 levels.

This is on PS4, btw.

Go to Settings, then to Initialization, and choose Initialize PS4.

What if I was just an unsuspecting 10 year old and innocently followed your advice, wiping all my data? What a sad little person you must be, living a sad little life, to think that the thought of that would be hilarious.

That’s what people have been told to do. If I’m not mistaken, there is PS+ storage that will automatically download your HELLDIVERS save data.

Or you could just delete your save and download it from the cloud. Thanks for judging me groundlessly.

Nope, this is a trap. :yum:

Just complete the training tutorial again (or skip it), then enter your ship. You will get back your lvl.50 and all unlocked stuff.

Player level and unlocked stuff are saved on server-side, not on your local save file.

The only things that reset are the Encyclopedia entries on the right side of your ship deck, and the current selected planet, if there was one before the save file corruption.

Ah, right you are. Made it to the ship and am still level 50. Thanks, Tann.

It is because you gave terrible advice that has been misconstrued as trolling.

For perspective you just told this guy to “just delete everything and reinstall windows” not even mentioning backing up data etc. If they had followed your advice they would have lost all their data pointlessly.

Trying to help isn’t a bad thing but when you don’t have the knowledge on the topic you might be unhelpful…

The advice was copied from Reddit posts which surprisingly no one complained about. I also don’t get why would you compare PC to PS4 there. On PS you only store games and nothing else, that’s not a huge loss (all your data is stored online) you just need to re-download games again…

Anyways, noted.

Ah, my mistake then. I’ve seen way too many “press Alt+F4” type troll replies on forums to have thought you actually meant well with your advice. If that was the case - and I’m still not sure it was - but if it was, my apologies.

No problem. :slight_smile:


Save data is not auto uploaded by defult, you would need to actively choose to setup auto upload and select each of the titles you wanted auto uploaded.

Other than saved data you also have screen captures/video captures user settings custom backgrounds.

Reddit is a terrible place to get advice or to inform yourself from…