Say something Nice

Most of my recent posts have contained various amounts of criticism, focusing on aspects of Helldivers that I thoroughly believe must be improved. However, what might not be clear is that the game does some things very right, and offers a style and level of challenge that keeps the game interesting.
So, for the record, what follows is a short list of the goals Helldivers has scored, in my own play. Feel free to add your own.

  1. Customizable characters. This really is a big deal. The ability to individualize one’s character is a hallmark of better games. A wide choice of helmets, armor, and capes provides this important ingredient.
  2. Multiple weaponry. Many military style games offer a choice in primary weapons, but few offer the choices for unique equipment and deployments. HD provides opportunity for players like myself who prefer to solve game situations with equipment at hand, whilst offering choices ranging to almost total air strike support, and everything in between. Thumbs up.
  3. I freely admit that I am not the best player. I have trouble solo diving many missions at level 9 and above. So, for myself, a big factor of playability is that the game is inscrutable and difficult to solve. Basically, this means that for my skill level, the challenge of defeating a difficult enemy is exactly that, a challenge. For arriving at an adaptive difficulty, HD scores.
    This is my short list, three things that went very right. This is not to be considered comprehensive or exhaustive. I’m certain that there are other aspects that speak loudly to others.
    I managed to squeeze in a mission just yesterday, as my play time is often limited, and I couldn’t help but notice how many beginning level missions appeared on multiplayer. This means that a whole new group of players is discovering Helldivers, three years on. This means the game is interesting and playable even now, which means that AH got more than a few things right, and that might be the nicest thing to say above all.