Share Screen discrepancy

Yello Devs and gamers.
So far i must say probably one of few games surviving high competitive time for making successful game of this era.
Should easily go toe to toe with Dota 2,Diablo or Mass Effect regarding replayability.

One sad part is forced shared screen upon co-op multiplayer, where freedom of movement, tactics and overall feel of “what could be” survival star-trooper genre is taken away.
Sure there are lot of players who would prefer this and its completely fine but there are others like me to whom this 9,5/10 game falls into 5 or 6 category.

Simple option to enable/disable this option before matchmaking ( so every players knows what he is going into ) would be probably doable solution.

Still congrats to Arrowhead for this fine wine-like aging gem and lets hope for future success.
( hopefully at helldivers 2 with split or dedicated screen ).

Feel free to charge 60€ + with whatever DLC you can concoct.


The main purpose of the shared screen is to force teamwork otherwise players would just spread out in every possible direction and mind their business.

Still would be nice to have the option

I think it would completely ruin the game and adjusting most of the mechanics to both the shared screen and the free screen would be insanely difficult or nearly impossible. I can’t even find a reasonable solution how to reinforce players once they die on the other side of the map.

Yet Some of the game content calls for it, like a bike where you could take one person on quick ride to scout or collect samples and return, Snipers that could stay behind and provide fire support while grunts are in front ( now you cant since you have no vision behind corner of screen ).
This is why im saying it should be option, not forced…
So you could see, what kind of matchmaking you are going into and everyone is satisfied.
( if you are saying that game would be ruined because everyone would play rather non-shared screen option, then i am probably right with preference )

Many of the vehicles, stratagems and weapons are designed to have advantage with some distance in team.

I do not regret buying this game, still lot of fun.
Its just as i said when i see some other players agreeing with me, from 9-9.5/10 game into 6/10

Just my 2 cents
Cheers mate

That’s an interesting concept. I’m against it because it would definitely split the community and it will affect the shared screen with new adjustments too. Also, note that the game would have to render the terrain for all the players and spawn much more enemies and scouts, it would require much more beefy PCs which doesn’t benefit developers from the marketing point of view either.

Valid point, you are against it so no one should have it. Thank you Karen.
More stuff to render that makes game harder to maintain is downside for Devs, the fact that it could potentially boost the amount of players which could bring profit is upside for Devs.

Tits and Tats here and there, i found that this “issue” has been brought to Devs countless times and whether they cant , dont want to or are told not to change it, it probably wont be changed.

I am here basically because i bought game few days ago, enjoying it kind of above average and to let Devs know that all those threads and players who want to have “Single player screen” in Multiplayer Co-op are within right to bring this up, suggest, beg and have opinion on it, that it would be good idea to implement even this long after release, so its not forgotten and being reminded once upon the time this is rather “issue” than feature.

To defend you and your opinions which i respect and sort of agree with, imagine this.
You have game you like at this point with circa X hundreds players that you can play your game, devs suddenly decides “knulla det, låt oss göra det” and make some patch to change this…
And then you gonna have X players + Y new players more where you get to enjoy your games with players X and others get to enjoy games with player base Y.

I hope i clarified whats going on and that im not here to fight you or any opinion of other gamers.
Good games and have fun, i will.

I’m not claiming it shouldn’t exist I just shared my opinion as you did. :slight_smile:
Although, don’t get your hopes high Arrowhead have moved all their resources into a new project and such a concept was already denied by developers themselves.

"The camera is always locked and shared between players.

We will not be changing the camera design as so much of the background functionality in Helldivers is based on things being ‘on screen’, as well as promoting a strong sense of teamwork.

It is also important that the game works identically for local players on the same machine, or online multiplayer."


Glad you are enjoying the game nonetheless, see you on the battlefield!