Shield Item Concept

blue stratagem, functions similarly to a briefcase (can be dropped and picked up, and smgs/double freedom/tanto can be fired from behind it). alternatively, the weapon firing could be ditched for a stun function (mouse1 to stun enemy with shield akin to rail gun/stun grenade effect etc.). 100% durability unlike the other shields, but your movement speed is decreased (just as it is when carrying a briefcase). it just covers wearer (like a traditional riot shield design) or its an energy shield that extends a bit in both directions so that you can cover teammates but they can shoot through it from behind? could be on a cooldown, or multiple uses (2 maybe like the ammo pack etc.). this is probably really ridiculous but I thought i’d mention it anyway for the heck of it. thoughts?

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This is actually pretty awesome.

For the energy shield idea, maybe it’s like a metallic tower shield you carry around, but when you aim down sights you can’t move and an energy shield wall expands to the left and right?

Would it block movement like an illuminate shield orb?

What about, instead of a personnel shield, something deployable like a bubble shield? Details:
-Blue strategem
-Deploys a “beacon” that can be picked up and put down
-Has properties of a briefcase (slows holder, restricts weapon use, can be picked up and put down)
-Spherical shield is deployed with a large radius centered on the beacon when it is placed on the ground; the shield retracts when the beacon is picked up
-100% shield durability, but the shield can be entered by enemies and the beacon can be destroyed
-Teammates can shoot through the shield
-Limited uses/ long cooldown?

I feel like this would also be fairly easy for the developers to make as well. You could recycle one of the shield textures, scale it up in size, create a small beacon model (probably the hardest part), then just apply the briefcase properties to the entity. Two attributes would have to be added to the beacon: health, and a trigger that extends/ retracts the shield when it is put down/ picked up.