Shredder Stratagem Missing!



Oh dear, we dun goofed! Since the Liberty Day patch we have accidentally removed the Shredder missile. We are already working on fixing this and it should be back in the game soon :slight_smile: Sorry!


I know this was an intentional trick for us to play the game more, looking for something that wasn’t even there! Ah! :tea:


Yes, yessss…of course cough


Old Helldivers still have it :smiley:
We can feel…special.


I want to nuke the extraction point too! That’s such a nice send off.


If you really want to have a nice send off, try out something like this

No ‘Shredder’ required :cowboy_hat_face:


I have played HD few moments ago and Shredder was OK :slight_smile: and I don’t thing, that I have some older version of game. Steam keeps it updated.

So… Whats going on? :smiley:


Vali, you have unlocked Shredder before Liberty Day update, new update made Shredder not showing up anymore as a planet reward, new players can’t get it now.


Any news? I was looking for it forever and just found this thread -.- it’s litterally the last stratagem missing for me :frowning:


Hey @DayWalker,

@ForeverAPeon said that the new update won’t come out this week, maybe next week, but they can’t promise.
They are working as fast as they can, they also have a new title to make! Give them time.


I think it’s held back because of the Playstation version, I doubt that they are allowed to push updates sooner onto other platforms.
Also, GIB PATCH KVIK PLS :sleepy:


Sadly, the patch won’t be out this week! But they are on a good way to fix it!


They have to do concurrent release of new patch across all PS regions for 3 PS platforms (PS3, PS-Vita, and PS4) as well as Steam (which also has many regions). Even if they have fix, it just takes time to coordinate when it will be released across all of those at same time.

I think in past they had not coordinated as well as they do now, and that had lead to unintended issues since the game allows players from all regions to play with each other, across different PS devices and then also that Galactic Campaign is shared across both Steam and all the PS players.