(Small) Idea for the war effort

One thing me and my friends always found… disappointing in HD, was that after liberating a planet (especially a higher difficulty 3 missions planet), and the progress “is send to Helldivers HQ”, you do not see any progress actually added to the progress bar. Not even a single pixel. While I understand that the progress seems invisible since to many people participate, it would feel nice if instead or in addition to the bar, there would be a numeric value of the total progress. That way, you can see your participation to the planet and you can see how far you have to go to take down that planet.

Is this an idea? Or do people think it is a shitty idea? :slight_smile:

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I think adding numbers would take some of the magic away and pave the way to min/max grinding.
I’ve never minded seeing a small contribution in a war so I’m not sure how this problem could be dealt with…

I agree, It would take some of the “magic” away. I’m sure players are already used to old contribution bar system and adding new one would be weird and strange.

I agree with Azgrut. Its impossible to see some bar movement. Because if you complete planet, you get for example 18 points each. Thats 72 points of total. Being optimistic. And to liberate whole sector you need thousands of points. So… adding numbers would rly… empower the “I am usefull” feeling :smiley:

I don’t think it’s a stupid idea, and I don’t think I would’ve minded if it was done that way. I just never really thought too much about it and never had a problem with the way it is. I often don’t even see the bar as that’s sometimes my quick “afk” break time to do whatever while the automated screens are doing their thing.

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I think you and Azgrut are missing the point, your not supposed to feel empowered, you are just more meat for the grinder that is War. adding numbers will only make some Helldivers feel superior to others when they are just another cog in this never ending war machine.

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They do a nice job of providing that sense of ‘cog in the machine’ when you get the statistics for the war, as well. You don’t get your own stats for how many enemies you killed, how many shots you fired, etc. It’s all framed from the perspective of the Super Earth Forces in total. To me, that really adds a lot to the feeling that I’m insignificant on my own in this war. It’s not about me; it’s about all of us.


You might not like to know how small the contribution is :stuck_out_tongue:

Better we feel satisfied in a job well done, and receive what acknowledgement we do that one mission was harder and/or went smoother than another. I especially like that the game doesn’t have a narrow fascination with kill count, like most do - only in whether the objectives were met, how fast and how cleanly. I’m happy the way it is.

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