Small visual suggestions to Helldivers

Here are my suggestions:

  1. When you select the loadout - the orange square for selection is difficult to see - at least on my 55" monitor. Could you make the selected square stand out more visually. Make it white or the line dotted.

  2. I would like to see an indication next to the ID square - whether I am the host of the game or if it is one the others. This is especially not clear when you drop into a multiplayer game - and the hosting player drops out.


I can only post one image … but I have made the suggestions here as well.

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I’ve often thought some indication of who the host is would be really nice. I wouldn’t even mind it if I had press pause to see it (actually, I think I’d prefer that). It could be something really simple like a dot after their name.


YES! I would love the selector to be far more visible. In fact, it might be a good idea to have it invert the selected item’s colors.

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Definitely would love to see a small mark or a crown near host’s name. I usually join people and I’m not sure who is the host, or someone gets disconnected while in-game and we are confused who is host now.

Love your ideas, @hjembaek.

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How about we underline the host’s name? That’s bigger than a dot and should not require anything except the devs changing the font from Normal to Underline. OR, just change the color of the host’s name to, say, blue.

Since there is a visual suggestion already no sense to make a second one, I would also suggest to add Chinese/Japanese letters in English language, It gets annoying to see “??? ?? ???” marks as a nickname and I’m confused how to call their nicknames.

Would also love to see my own “speaker” when I talk in the voice chat.

I just go with P1-P4. Only sometimes does that work though…

Yeah man, did PSN get this and PC didn’t or something? I’ve seen at least 2 videos of PSN players talking and their speaker icons showed whenever they talked. Never seen it on PC though. That always confused me. Maybe it was changed later?

Yes, PSN got the “own speaker icon” feature.

How about calling the players by the color of their name under their player? Of course, they may not understand the same language you speak, but some do. And there are apparently some multilingual players on. One guy (I think he spoke Arabic or Farsi) tried various languages until he figured out we speak English.