So, catsmeow, are you a...?

Cat, human or a cyborg? The people were curious.



Well, I am glad you asked! What I am is all the above! (dun dun duuuunn) Guys, I’m joking. Human cat cyborgs don’t exist. Or at least not on planet earth…Or do they???:thinking:

My name stems from my middle name being CATherine and my obsession with cats in general. My Pokémon Go name is actually Dcatmon. (Clever right?!) Usually, when I say I’m obsessed with cat’s, the general reaction I get from people is “Oh, so you hate dogs?!” No. So, for all the dog people out there thinking I hate dogs, I do not. I love them. All animals really. :heart_eyes_cat:
Fun Fact: Before I got into this fabulous industry, I was studying to be a Veterinarian Technician. But that is a story for another time.

Hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s fantasy of you thinking I’m that cat in the picture.
Spoilers: I am not that cat in the picture.

Catsmeow out!


I am the cat in my picture, trust me.

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Now I am really confused :thinking:

WAIT. What have I been petting at the office then???


Hahahaha, best laugh I’ve had in a while :smiley: