Solid Stealth Execution


The time given to capture/defend a planet varies depending on how successful previous wars were.

Individual enemies are the same old from release, as far as Steam is concerned :)


My point behind starting this topic was to attempt to discover what was happening with this trophy. After all is said and done, I have no better idea than when I started.
Perhaps what does come through is that the HD experience is individual. What works for one player does not work for another, and what is easy for one is not necessarily so for others.
Because each player has a unique experience with the game, general conclusions tend to be elusive, at least when it comes to matters like SSE.
I find it interesting that the game has this dimension, that it can be so individual of an experience. Ostensibly simple, HD is actually quite sophisticated in it’s effects.


Here is the link to see Helldivers Achievements Global Stats on Steam. The current percentage is at 2.2%.

Here is a link that can show you Helldivers Trophies Global Stats for PSN. You have to hover over the trophy to see the Global Stat because by default it shows the stat for only those profiles being tracked by PSN Profiles. The current percentage is at 1.3%.

One thing to keep in mind

  • February / March 2016, over 1 million new Helldivers came on PSN when it was free as part of PS+. Relatively speaking, very few of them stayed active in the game so very few of them would have gotten the later trophies.
  • October 2018, Helldivers was free on Steam for the weekend which also caused a surge where not all would stay long term, but not anywhere near 1 million near recruits.

Is Solid Stealth Execution one of the less acquired achievements / trophies? Sure, but so is the one for Royal Roadkill achievement / trophy which is as simple as driving over a Brood Commander or Council Member Assassination target with the HAV or even APC with you as the driver.

Personally I think over time people care less and less about Trophies / Achievements and so trophies which would not occur through natural play (like saying Negative to a Warlord) have lower completion %.

If you are still interested in and looking for help to get Solid Stealth Execution, here is a playlist of various ways it has been completed.


I believe it used to be that way, but I think it mainly applied to the scaling of the Galactic War campaign which after a win, it would become increasingly difficult to win (unless Helldivers regiment size growing) regardless if individual Helldivers are still completing 3 star missions at their normal steady rate.

Might be wishful thinking on my part, but during those days I also used to think the number of patrols and alarm responses would also get more intense after wins and easier after losses (Galactic Campaign).

After feedback related to how unfair the scaling could get after a string of wins or big shifts in player population sizes, I think they toned things down to where you really don’t notice any difference any more (win after win after win).


Oh my god, you are a genius.


I read that in the voice of Questor (Elf in Gauntlet)