Some bugs I observed at Patch 701

1. About New Grenade Icon

If A chose a different grenade and jumps into, or hosts a multiplayer game, the new grenade icon is only visible to A himself. In B, C, D’s view it’s still the normal grenade icon, even though what A throws is indeed right the incendiary grenade.

2. About Death Count

In the first game of Patch 701 I joined, the death count of other players is -1 (I’m not the host). I’m not very sure how to reproduce this.

3. An Old Bug For Xbox Joystick

(1) Some UI keys are binded to LB and RB and can’t be changed. Most of them are used to switch among subpages, like “War Fronts, Proving Grounds and Heroes of the Federation” in the Galactic Capmpaign screen, “Matchmaking and Friends” in the multiplayer screen.

(2) Bind Melee to RB, then in UI operations RB will be explained as “go back”.

(3) Then all RB functions mentioned at (1) won’t be available due to conflict. Pressing RB will be explained as “Switch page and go back”, which will close the window you are operating at.

(4) I recommend separating UI keybindings from the combat ones, just make them fixed so “go back” will always be pressing B. It’s natural and all games do this. For keyboard & mouse I binded melee to mouse side button (displayed as “MB 4”), though I’m accustomed it’s really quite weird to press a mouse side button to “go back”.

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