Some opinion about the 91th war

The 91th galaxy war is special.From the 67th war to 90th war,each war long for about 15 days in average and illuminate kills are less than 20% of total kills.But the 91th war long for more than a months and illuminate kills are over 40%.As we all know,player spent a lot of time in illuminate.But why they can’t defeat illuminates like what they did to cyborgs and bugs?In my opinion,players,at least a big part of players don’t like playing illuminate mission.They are AFK for ten days or more to wait the end of the war.

So,the problem is that why player don’t like illuminates.This is my guess:Illuminates don’t encourage player to multiplay.Illuminates have the ability to divide war zone into pieces. And an easy way to deal with this ability is to bring the jet pack.But in difficulty 12+,anything changed.New type of scouts can confuse players easily so players have to change their pack into SH-32.This made players hard to multiplay.However, Multiplaye is a kind of major pleasure in Helldivers.

But on the other hand,Why this problem appear one year after the update is anthother problem.About this problem,I have my explain.The sale and update of liberty day this year attract some new players and afk players.This made the difficulty of the 91th galaxy war higher,and when they leave,the rest of players are hard to finfish the war.

Well, this is my opinion,what do you think about it?

While there will obviously always be a favorite and most hated race, I disagree that the Illuminates don’t encourage teamwork. In fact, they encourage it the most. While at difficulties 12 and lower they are rather easy, at 13-15 they take a big jump in difficulty and provide a tougher challenge than the Bugs and Cyborgs do.

The Bugs and the Cyborgs have hard counters that make them pretty easy even on highest difficulties, but against the Illuminates there really isn’t. Against them you have to rely more on teamwork and skill. That’s exactly why I love them.

I see Illuminate games frequently at 12 and below so it’s a bit far stretched to say nobody likes them. At 13-15 they are simply too much for most players. They can’t be controlled or neutralized as easily as the other races, so only the most hardcore players feel comfortable there.

Helldivers is presented as a hard game, so it’s only right at least one of the races provide that for the veterans who seek a true challenge. I’d be happy if this was the case with the other two races as well.

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Illuminate can be easily overpowered with Displacement Field, jump pack, and Rumbler. You can also use the obelisk spawn to clean up your defense mission very easily.And I played with my best team (RS) but I still didn’t feel interested. It is not a matter of more difficulty, On the contrary, that loadout is the easiest way to clear out among the 3 race .but because it does not approach a fun loadout.It is fun to play a game without a jump pack and shield.Still, the Illuminate is no more interesting than the Cyborgs. A cyborg is adequate to upgrade a player’s dancing skills.and more fun,And more Fun loadout

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I didn’t talk about which race is the most fun to play against, that is everyone’s own opinion. In fact, I also find Cyborg RS to be the most fun. Nevertheless, it would be really stretching it saying that Cyborgs are even as difficult at 13-15 than the Illuminates because they are not. Here are a few reasons:

This neutralizes the Cyborgs even harder than it does the Illuminates. An average player can use this to great success against them, but against the Illuminates that average player usually gets crushed.

I agree, but what you’re basically saying is that the Illuminates require them, which again is a point that they are more difficult. The Cyborgs allow for less optimized loadouts simply because they are easier.

True, again for the simple reason that they are easier.

If I compare all the random Cyborg and Illuminate regular missions I’ve been in at difficulty 15, the Cyborg missions are often very likely to succeed while with the Illuminates the chances of failure are much higher.

Also Illuminate RS13 is easily the ultimate challenge in the game. All of the solo RS in this game have been completed in the order of difficulty, for example before A New Hell both the Illuminate and Bug RS12 were completed much earlier than Cyborg RS12. Now, both the Bugs and Cyborg RS15 were completed almost instantly after release, but it took a long time to complete Illuminate RS15 and even longer for RS13. I have done all of the RS solo for every race, and the Cyborg RS12-15 are relatively easy compared to Illuminate RS13.

Again I’d like to point out that this is only about difficulty, not which race is fun or not fun to play against. I’m sad the Cyborgs feel so easy at 13-15, you only need one average player with a Rumbler to make even RS15 easy. Three simple fixes would go a long way:

  • Bring IFVs back to RS13-15.
  • Make hounds in 13-15 regular missions spawn as often as they do in 12. Also, make them spawn while other enemies are attacking you, now they mainly seem to spawn separately.
  • The Rumbler really needs a nerf.
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It’s just hard. It’s just a special, powerful loadout. and illuminate need special Jem .people feel annoying. That’s the difference between how much you can enjoy the game regardless of the difficulty. And I don’t think solo is the ultimate challenge. I think it’s the last challenge for four members of the team to increase their ability to share and maintain screens.

  • The Rumbler really needs a nerf.

I remember playing for 2 hours each day hoping to bring the war to an end.

Of course when war ended, I wasn’t really surprised about the war result, still can’t wrap my head around why it took so long.

That being said, it also forces me to fight lvl 12 missions more, can’t get enough of those Council member dance party with their flashing strobe of death and confusion